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We came home from church past 9PM last night. I took a hot shower and went to bed. I slept earlier than the past few days and it feels oh so good when I woke up this morning. I hope to get back to my normal/ideal routine of sleeping not later than 10PM and hopefully get up by 6AM. I actually woke up past 6AM this morning but too lazy to get up right away. But it was not too bad since I managed to get up before the clock strike 7AM. I know I need to work more on this as I have many plans on how to spend my early morning hours.

It’s Friday again and nothing makes me happier with my work than Fridays. Nothing in my work really, it’s just that feeling of finally getting over the week’s tasks. Well, who’s not happy with Fridays? No plans for the weekend. Maybe not yet, just hoping to watch at least one video-taped lesson of my current DE course since midterm is fast-approaching again.

Lastly, I stole this picture from Google again and thought to share it here.

Ain't nobody like HIM...

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