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Hectic weekend

I am too weak to narrate every detail of it but let me try…


I was supposed to wake up early and review for my make up exam but I did not. We were at the test center almost 9AM (I believe) and unexpectedly the proctor was already there. Maybe, he’s trying to make up for his absence (thus, for making me wait for nothing) last time. Anyway, I finally took the exam and being able to get over with the agony of thinking about it was all that mattered to me.

We went to the Catholic Action Center where we feed homeless people together with some other members of the church every first Sunday of the month. The time announced was earlier than the previous times we were there so we thought there must be something more than just the feeding activity. We usually start of with the preaching of the word but even so, 5hours is still too long. When we got there, there was a group of performers singing Christian songs, which was hosted by another church. Some were in to praise and worship and some were plainly waiting for the food to be served. We had everything set up at around 5PM, a prayer was said and food was served at last. Although a bigger number of people showed up this time, the food was nevertheless more than enough.

We hurried home at quarter to 7PM, changed our clothes and drove off to Kathy’s graduation dinner. We were a bit late but were warmly welcomed. It was our first time at Siam Thai restaurant and we were satisfied with our orders. Hubby got red curry seafood and mine was stir-fried veggies sea food, both were served with rice. We got Thai iced tea and it was the best of all! Again, congratulations Kathy and we are glad to be a part of your victory and celebration.


I got up at 10AM for the first time in our new apartment. Since computer back home is dead for some reason, I didn’t have to get up early to chat with my sister.

Sister Renee and family

We went to church in the afternoon and were invited to join Sister Renee’s mother-in-law and family dinner. We have always always refused her invitations for some other appointments and we’re relieved to be eventually free and be able to accept her invitation yesterday. We truly had a great time!

Pictures above are stolen! I regret not being able to take pictures of what we have been up to over the weekend. I really wished I had but I am not bold enough to ask people to pose for my shots so my most precious camera stood hidden all the while.

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