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Driving and more...

Hubby called and exclaimed, “Praise the Lord!” I looked at the time and it was just 10 minutes past his road test schedule. Before I can react, he happily informed me that he passed the test. Congratulations to hubby for finally getting his KY driver’s license. Now, I also ought to recognize some good things about my driving… Be assured that hubby confirms all these and I am not just giving credit to my good self.

Since I am now driving most of the time, I noticed quite a good amount of improvement with myself. I don’t panic as much as I used to; I now remember to signal whenever I need to; I can now control the brakes better; and I already know how to drive on a reverse direction. What I still need to work on though is my tendency to stop whenever I need to turn left or right in an intersection. I am learning little by little and since practice makes perfect, I know I’m getting close to it- not perfect but at least, close to making it right.

Actually, it’s not just about driving that I am thinking of right now. First, we need our car insurance renewed on the 24th. Next, our car has some dents and scratches when we got it from the second owner. We didn’t pay much attention on them until the other day when Laxman asked about it. He made me think that maybe we can visit some auto shops to have all those repaired and maybe give our ride a brand new look. I heard body shops irvine does an excellent job on auto body repairs that is guaranteed for life and can surely care for the value of your vehicle… Oh well, I and hubby have to get talking about it.

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