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Charged twice

My debit card was. We dropped by thorntons to get some gas last Monday afternoon. The express terminal showed error so hubby hurried to inform the store cashier about it. The cashier swiped the card again assuring him it was not charged the first time he did it outside.

I received a notification from the bank yesterday including two pending transactions of the same date, on the same gas station and of the same amount. Our complaint to the gas station was welcomed by a staff who called her manager who in turn, just gave us a 1-800 number for the reason that they cannot do anything about it. Because I’ve been good and striving to get better, I just thanked them and walk out of the store. It was past the customer service office hours so all I got was an answering machine’s response.

I called again this morning and still got the same answer so I left a message. Before I can finally complain irately to the gas station manager, their customer service returned my call, insisting that they only received one payment and that I have to contact my bank for the other expense.

I patiently did as told and my bank’s customer service representative advised that I personally go to my branch to fill up and sign a complaint form. I’d rather comply than pay for something that I did not have any benefit of.

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