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Taco Salad

Is what I had last night and is still what I am craving for since this morning. Not because I did not have enough of it last night., in fact, I had more than enough. The ingredients provided were just perfect for my taste buds...

Keith & Melissa invited us over to their place for dinner after church last night. We had taco salad, brownies and ice cream. We forgot about the rice and we just had a great time with them and their little one, Olivia. She's such a darling! Stacy and Steve, also from church, were there too. We had fun just hanging around, eating and talking about anything and everything. We look forward to spend more and more time with you guys!

I felt partly guilty though that we were not able to accept Sister Rene's invitation for dinner last night too. She's been inviting us over to their place but our schedules never meet. Hopefully, we'll make it sometime soon.

I feel so blessed and so thankful that we have our church family to satiate the longing we feel for our families and friends back home.

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Melissa said...

Awww! I don't think I ever saw this post! How sweet...I remember thinking, Oh, I bet they hated this meal! lol I wish you still lived here so we could have more taco salads! ;)

donna said...

Hahaha..I loved that meal! That was my first taco salad. When given the opportunity to visit Lex again, we'd be delighted to spend time with you guys! Livvy might be taller than me by then! Oh I miss that doll :)