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I can't believe this blog has been idle for five long months. FINE. I do not have any excuses. I was just plain lazy the past months or so. But hey, I'm back!

I see my latest entry was still back in January.  There’s nothing special I can recall about February except that it was just another boring cold winter month.  

Anyways, March came… I took advantage of my PTO and took a day off without worries for the first time. Headed to Des Moines carefree as a bird with my beautiful birdgirlfriends from church and made lots of mall hopping plus shopping in between. Fun! But the great part of it all was my second time to attend the Ladies’ Conference here in Iowa. It was wonderful seeing old faces and getting to know new ones.

April is Nell’s birth month. Bought him a new pair of oxford shoes that I can tell he loves so very much and is now his new favorite I assume. What turned out to be his birthday getaway was the SPARK seminar that we attended with two other couples from church. As the name implies, it’s supposed to ignite our marriages but the good students that we are ended up cutting classes on the second day. Ok, to justify that- it was a long triiip home compared to where most participants in the seminar were from so we really needed to leave early.

May is the best to date. We went to Chicago with the main objective of renewing our Philippine passports. Secondary to that is to celebrate our 10th year dating anniversary. I’ll have to write another blog entry for this trip, otherwise, this will turn longer than I wanted it to be.

Today is the last day of June. As a good start for this month, we went to see Dinesha in Minneapolis. The short period we can spare was not a hindrance for our bonding & catching up. We’ve had good quality time strolling, picture-taking and eating just like the good old times at the university.

Mr. Sun shows up most of the time this month but hides himself unexpectedly as thunderstorms become unpleasant surprises. Sometimes it feels like winter up here seems longer than forever. We still get cold days and nights up to now as opposed to supposedly scorching hot summer days at this time of the year. I am not complaining though. I do not have too much meat on me to combat the cold but I still really prefer it better than the fiery season. I just get scared of tornado warnings…