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Bad and good news

The bad news is there’s no way of getting my driver’s license before the car’s insurance renewal deadline. This means we have to pay extra bucks than what we would have if hubby and I got the license just in time for the renewal of the insurance.

The good news is after three successive attempts to submit the necessary documents to the county clerk’s office at the non-US citizens section, hubby is now good to go to take his road test for his KY license, while I, having my permit, am now able to drive for as long as hubby or anyone with a license is with me. I found them to be meticulous here with non-US applicants for acquiring a license or permit than it was in Iowa, maybe because Lexington is a bigger city than Fairfield.

Anyway, I am driving to and from work now and am learning, learning, learning patience over hubby. Oh! I meant him, learning and improving the virtue of patience over me.

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