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Oh my, oh my…

I was reminded of hubby’s silly expression as I thought of my blog this morning. I know I swore to update this more often BUT I was again caught off guard with cramming for my final exam and…let’s just say, “work-related” stuff.

Anyhow, here I am again…hoping to blog as much as I can about everything and anything that I can remember.
SO here it goes in no particular order:


We were supposed to grab just a can of coconut milk at a small Oriental store near GFAC one Sunday. I was staring here and there at cashier’s counter when I came across “Durian $1.79/Lb.” My face lit up with glee as we exited the store carrying about a 4-pound durian. It was frozen so we ended up enjoying an all natural ice creamy durian!

Lengua de Gato (Tongue of a Cat)

These are my favorite cookies back home. I don’t dare facebooking much at work but next to blog-hopping, I recipe-hop a lot. So when I chanced upon this lengua de gato recipe, I worked on it as soon as I got home. I love cooking and so much more with baking. It’s a stress therapy for me.

Blouses and Skirts

I have been surfing/shopping for modest clothing online. Although a bit skeptical about the sizes, I eventually gave in and placed my orders. It wasn’t too bad even if I ended up with some least-favorite items. My most favorite is the long denim skirt. I love it!

UK Arboretum

We went to the Arboretum for the 2nd time this year. It was still gorgeous with the summer atmosphere this time of the year.

Updates… updates....

"Such a pessimist Donnalyn." That was a remark from my employer's Account manager. It was just the normal me freaking out for a missing time sheet on my Insite account. Needless to say, I worried- called the hubby immediately to share my paranoia with then shoot an email to my employer for confirmation of my gibberish thoughts… But really, with the lay offs still happening here in the office (particularly in the lab where I am sitting at), I think that was JUST SO NORMAL OF ANYONE, especially for a worry-wart like me to have reacted that way.

Anyways…I know, I know. I owe my blog some cleaning here and there. Too many things passed me by and I certainly wish that I'd be able to recollect my every emotions and thoughts on each of them.

Lay offs still continue to crop up in my workplace. The latest news I got today is 2 more people will be dismissed; their last day will be on September 4. Last week, I was saddened by the fact that one of my teammates was let go a few weeks ago. His last day was last Friday and on that same day I received a farewell email from another person who’s work here for more than 30 years already. A month ago, I was shocked by a friend’s report that 4 of them were called by their “Agency”, all 4 notified of their last day at work. A day after that, an office mate sitting next to the desk across me, bade farewell to some guys in the office. It’s sad and it scares me. I have no idea how many more people will be tagged and when this will ever end. I just hope and pray that the economy will pick up very soon.

I wrote a short tribute for her birthday this year. She was a sweet old lady with a very pure heart and with so much wisdom to share. If I remember correctly, it was when we came back from our July 4 trip that she was brought to the hospital. The congregation was asked to pray for her. She was brought home after 10 days as doctors decided they can do nothing for her anymore. Cancer was all over her internal organs. When we went to visit her, she gently nodded as I introduced ourselves as the couple from the Philippines. My fears were overcome with pity; my heart broke seeing her in such condition. We sat by her bedside for awhile. Before we left I went close to her again and whispered, “We love you Ms. Sarah and we will miss you…” Ms. Sarah Lewis passed away at the age of 102 last July 27. A lot have been said about her during her funeral service last Saturday. My tears were contained in my eyes. I miss her sweet little voice that never fails say “Take care sweetie…” whenever I kiss her good bye on Sunday services. As much as I miss her, knowing that she’s with the Lord makes feel alright.

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The Philippines is grieving for the loss of former President Cory Aquino. She stood strong and brave when all else was doomed by the tyranny of late President Ferdinand Marcos. I do not remember much of Cory’s era except for the fact that without her courage and strength, the fire that kept the flames burning for the nation has long been gone. Being the icon of democracy for the Filipinos, I say, she deserves all the love and respect the Filipinos pay even at her grave now. I am not a fan but I do know that I cannot thank her enough for the freedom she fought for the country.

On the lighter note…

July 21 marked my first year anniversary on my job. It is truly a miracle that my contract was renewed despite the prevalent lay offs going on. I truly am appreciative of the Lord’s AWESOME goodness for which I really don’t deserve. I praise Him and I thank Him for everything. I am keeping my fingers crossed and my hopes high for more of His promises come.

Surprise, surprise! I surprised the hubby with a GPS. I secretly purchased an affordable one from Amazon, which was delivered to the apartment within 2days. He enjoyed himself (I think) playing with it, although looks like we need to plan our next big trip ASAP so we can optimize its usage. Hopefully after my final exam ^..^

The hubby and I started our afternoon walks at a nearby park. For the purpose of: 1. to get his butt off the couch after eating, which otherwise, he’ll eventually fall asleep no matter how hard he tries to remain awake; and 2. to get myself back to walking for an exercise. I am gaining weight. I like it a bit but not too much of it please!

Guess ‘NUFF said now… I can’t promise but I really hope I can update my blog more often from now on.