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Long weekend

Before it’s too late, I want to share our adventure last Saturday. I, hubby with Laxman and George went to Salato Wildlife Center. The weather was good so we enjoyed watching both inside and outside exhibits- some of my favorite pictures below to tell more.

From there, we strolled around the vicinity of KY capitol and the governor’s mansion.

It was getting hot so we decided to head home after that. We went to church on Sunday and stayed home on a rainy Monday.

I’m sorry days have been so quiet lately. I really have nothing to tell when it should have been a merry and dandy long weekend. I didn’t mean to snuggle down; it’s just that I’m plainly lethargic these days. But I promise I’m better or I choose to be and I want to be. Either way, I can’t get stuck into this apathy. I’m getting out regardless so help me God.

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