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Celebrated 8 and counting!

As the love month came to an end, I want to 
share some stale photos from our anniversary last January.  
It was a usual cold winter day that actuated my laziness.  
To go home, curl up on the couch, snuggle with the hubby 
and watch my favorite Filipino shows 
were pretty much perfect for a celebration. 
But he was persistent to keep the tradition 
of dinner date every 3rd of January.
 I gave in to his easy persuading and off
we went to a ‘Shrimp Fest’ at Diamond Jo Casino.  
Okay, I will be defensive- 
we did not gamble and 
FOOD was all we went there for.  
Unfortunately, we left unimpressed and convinced 
that it was not worth what we paid and drove 45 minutes for. 
Rather than grumbling over it, we managed 
to shrug off our dissatisfaction and 
diverted our remorse into our usual glee of taking couple-fie’s.
Days slipped past us when February suddenly sneaked in. 
Heart’s day gave us a good reason 
to visit our favorite Asian buffet in the nearby town. 
No picture at the restaurant itself 
but capped off the day with a pose 
defying the bitter cold of winter.
Then there's the annual kite festival,
also known as Color the Wind.
Held last weekend,
we survived a -8°F (-22°C) cloudy weather, 
with 23mph wind gusts for about 30 minutes. 
We would have wanted to stay longer and take more pictures 
but realized that we’re not invincible!