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How can I hold my peace?

When He's done so much for me?!

In my desperate desire of inserting a picture of the McGruders here, I obviously stole the video above from Youtube…

This maybe too late for a weekend post but I still would like to let you all know how blessed I feel to have them in our service last Sunday. They are such an awesome couple that is truly anointed to carry out the Lord’s mighty works and touch each and every one of us, that enthusiastically listened to Sister Priscilla’s testimony and Brother Caroll’s song and preaching. As some may know, Sister Priscilla is battling with cancer but you can never tell when you see her. Her aura is full of life, hope and faith in the Lord’s healing and promises. Brother Caroll is a great preacher with a great sense of humor that you can hardly pay attention to anything else… I honestly regret not being able to attend the Ladies Conference where this distinguished couple spoke. There’s always a next time and I look forward to their next visit here.

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