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Weddings and gowns

I am married and am happy being one. Memories of my wedding day still cause some sort of butterflies in my stomach. Oh, I love that day! How special, how beautiful it was for me…Aside from those sweet reminiscences, among the things that I want to preserve is my wedding gown. I only get to wear it and feel to be the most gorgeous, most beautiful bride in the world this once in my life so might as well keep it for a remembrance. My mom kept hers very carefully and we, her children, were able to see and appreciate it with our own eyes. I want to share the same thing with my own children someday.

A friend is getting married and what occupies most of her preparation is finding a wedding gown she would love. I suggested that she make a search online to choose from a wide variety of designs and elegance at best bridal prices. As I said, this only get to happen once in a woman's lifetime so she deserves to look her best on that very special day.

I wish I can help her with all the necessary preparations and be there for her wedding but I cannot. I hope, however, that my suggestion on getting the best bridal prices will help her in one way or the other.

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Carol Connell said...

I'm kind of ashamed to say it, but I didn't take very good care of my wedding dress after I wore it. For years it sat in a garage in a garment bag, and it wasn't until we moved to Oakley six years ago that I had it preserved. Now it sits in a pretty box in our bedroom. (a reminder of the days when I was skinny enough to wear a size 7!)