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is almost here again.

What a great time for outdoors, don't you think?

I and hubby love outdoors..It's just a great way of relaxing by getting away from the daily hustle-bustle fo the city. We enjoy the beauty of nature, taking pictures or just spending quality time together....Can't wait:)

Think about the adventures or the many things you are so passionate about for the season. To be provided with more information about them would be great. Relevant hot links to explore and inviting photos would surely make it easier to decide to which passion to get involved with and perhaps, when to set the schedule for the next one. All these become even better when Google search, quick link to your favorite sites and custom news feeds are all accessible in one page. Now add to all the excitement, the joy of being able to interact with people of the same interest and learn from their experiences and also being able to share your own experiences in forums or discussion boards.

Learn more about Startlike and enjoy the 90 second video tutorial for a quick and fun overview to understand more on what I am talking about here. You’ll love it and surely won’t waste your time with the gnomes on the video. As a bonus, you’ll have the chance to win a Gnome and a $100 by posting an update and following Startlike on Facebook and/or Twitter. Enjoy!

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