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It has been taught and said that prayers are answered in three ways- yes, no and wait. Probably, all would agree that yes is what most of us desires from the Source of the answer, as we usually petition for something we badly want and seldom need. No is not desirable but rather preferable over wait. It offers a straightforward dissent to a plea, rather than just prolonging the agony when waiting without even an assurance that there indeed, is a light at the end of the tunnel.

But really, is it really worth the wait?

People with different experiences and different attitudes may have different answers. Although a bit sad when given this answer, I personally believe that when He says wait, He meant for me to WAIT and TRUST. It could be hard especially when you feel like you are trying to beat a deadline but then the request was just appended to a long queue. How long, why and what if's can come raging your mind and stress you out. Frustration comes in and you lose your motivation. You lose hope, you lose faith, and you can wait no more.

It’s tough but we should realize that we prayed for it because we cannot do it on our own to begin with. We once surrendered it to Him. We acknowledged our need for a greater ability than what we can do and being told to wait does not really change anything. We are still nothing on our own.

Maybe we need to surrender it all if we have not already done so. Sometimes we think we did but we really did not. In fact, it remains in our to-do list. Why not let go of it- drop it all in His hands that's absolutely bigger than ours? Pray for patience; pray for guidance; pray for wisdom; pray for strength; but most of all, pray for His will. Remember, we surrendered it all so it must be His way, not ours.

I believe He's telling me to wait because He wants me to trust. He wants me to trust so He can show me great and mighty things- so I may share a testimony that it’s all worth the wait!

I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope. Psalms 130:5

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