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Gratefully recuperating..

Yesterday was exactly a week from when I was discharged from the hospital. 
I had undergone laparotomy to remove a massive uterine fibroid 
and clean out my ovary from endometrial cysts.  
As much as I worried about the procedure, I looked forward to today 
when all is well and there’s nothing left to do but recuperate.

Obviously unplanned, the financial consequences
can add up to the pain without an emergency fund. 
Kudos to Dave Ramsey for our financial education, this was taken care of.  
Also thankful for a job that not only paid my time off
but also gave the moral support I needed.
And to the ultimate Provider, I can never thank You enough.
Philippians 4:19
Thoughtful flowers from people who love me! :)
The most difficult part was going through it all
while thinking about our loved ones from afar. 
I did not want them to be anxious, yet,
I cannot deny them the facts about my ordeal. 
I knew I had to let them know, but how much information 
is just enough to spare them from any apprehension?  
Although fear and worry lingered, 
am still grateful for the peace of God that passes all understanding.
Philippians 4:6-7

I am not the most prayerful person but when I first learned about all this, 
I have resolved that prayer is my first, if not my only option. 
After three months in medication, I noticed the fibroid had shrunk, 
however, not significant enough to cancel the surgery. 
As the schedule drew near, my prayer lessened in words and increased in tears.  
My tear ducts eventually dried up, I was at loss for words on the day itself.
Hot and sour Chinese soup on the day after the surgery. :-/
Nothing felt more comforting than knowing everything remained covered in prayers. 
So blessed and thankful for our church and adopted family and all our loved ones 
who lifted me, the hubby and the whole situation in prayers. 
Although some things turned out unexpected, the surgery went smoothly. 
Thankful for my surgeon and nurses who took very good care of me, 
made me feel comfortable and even loved.
Sunday best without heels. :D
Can’t be more grateful for my very own personal nurse and chef, 
who was and is always readily available to offer assistance and deliver my requests. 
My superman, as usual, he's making my recovery so much easier.
I enjoy being pampered and loving every bit of it! ;)

Currently, I am awaiting for my post surgery appointment to come sooner 
while taking pleasure in the recovery process.

Still uncertain what further test results will bring but 
I smile pondering on the goodness of the Lord. Psalms 34:8

I know and believe a God Who heals. Exodus 15:26

I am, and want to stay grateful 
and joyful for the circumstance I am currently in. Philippians 4:11

I don’t know all the what’s, the why’s nor the how’s 
but I take refuge in knowing the God I can call on to and rely on. Nahum1:7

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