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Gloomy Monday

Monday, I noticed is labeled to be the most hated day of the week by most. That plus a gloomy one won’t recompense the previous statement.

Unfortunately, today is one of those Mondays.

I received the unpleasant news yesterday and I cannot help being affected up to now. It breaks my heart to know how my parents were disheartened with what happened. I talked to them over the phone yesterday and I stood strong as our conversation went on. At least, I pretended I was. I cannot make them feel how much I wanted to break down and cry. I do not want to add up to their worries. I just wanted to make them feel better. I just wanted to make them smile and assure them that things will be alright. My eyes welled-up with sadness, my voice breaking at times, I cannot remember what else I told them except that I kept telling them to pray about it and let God take charge.

It is raining outside. I love rain drops but I also always pray that it won’t pour. Sometimes God’s will coincides with my plea but sometimes it just don’t. Likewise, with what happened, I pray that He will let this pass very soon. I am not sure if He will, neither do I have a clue on His plans. But I just want to give it all to Him and trust in Him. He still knows better!

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