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PFC (Petite Fashion Challenge) #17: Candy Colorized

SewPetiteGal is hosting this months's PFC entitled Candy Colorized

So, first of... I'm glad to be reunited with my LVoely Alma, my first ever fab baby!

Now here's my outfit...
Sunnies: Rayban
Top and Dress: Kohls
Sandals: Rue 21
Purse: LV Alma
This is my first so am a bit shy but gotta try it. :)

We hardly ever stay put on Saturdays.

And when we do, it makes me all agitated to get as much items, as I can, crashed out on my invisible to-do list.

Other than cleaning and decluttering, last Saturday was intended for…

The last two pots are cucumbers.  And the other three?  Yes, sweet potato vines. What’s considered a decorative plant here is a common food in the Philippines. Those pretty leaves are as edible as the roots. OKaayyy, remember that we live in an apartment. So that’s the best we can do for gardening. Hubby is as negative as some of you maybe. They’re all vines which mean they need to be planted on a bigger space like a real garden and not pots.  Oh well, we’ll deal with it as they grow bigger. For now, I’m just happy they have survived 4 days in pots.

Last Sunday,I brought this baked leche flan
and again, pickle wraps
for our potluck at church to celebrate the Kappmeyers’ 40th wedding anniversary.
That's how our weekend went. Hope y'all had a great one, too.

Random Notes to Self...

What was most awaited came very unexpectedly after years and years of anxious waiting. The agony was finally put to halt when schedules were set. I am very rarely an optimist but rumors had it all. I was over-confident, this is it.  In my mind, I painted a vivid picture of better days ahead. And although I worried some, I have a definite plan of action carefully crafted to pronounce triumph.

Like how the previous caught me by surprise, the outcome of it all was far more overwhelming. A very probable impediment interrupted the whole process. It took a while to sink in but when it did, it tore my sketch of reverie apart. Dreams and plans- shattered into pieces. I tried to concoct my own formula for answers. The more I tried, the more desperate I had become.

So, where was He in all these?  I knew He was right in the midst of it all. Perhaps, watching my every move but I chose to ignore and hold Him liable for this sudden turn of events.  

Give thanks in all circumstances  (1Thessalonians 5:18). If only it turned to what I thought was the right way (aka my way), it would have been easier to be grateful. Or if, at least, the reasons for such were spelled out clearly, I would have understood. So give thanks for what now? An amazing husband, wonderful families, great friends, good health and   a beneficial job are blessings that can outdo all the disappointment. I am blessed beyond measure despite this instance of a downer.

Trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5). I have trusted Him in all these. In fact, this is the very same reason I vied for a positive outcome even when hubby remained skeptic about it.  In the end, I can’t help but feel deceived by the trust I openly imparted. But if I really trust or trusted Him, why would I be so upset now?  Trust means faith. Faith is not only confidence in the things hope for but also the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

His ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts than my thoughts  (Isaiah 55:9).  What took Him so long? Then what changed His mind so abruptly? I really, honestly, don’t know. I’m just pretty sure that what my tiny brain can barely comprehend is nothing compared to the detailed blueprint He’s already laid out for my life. He sees a much bigger picture no matter how brilliant my imagination can get.

All things work together for good (Romans 8:28).  It’s all gloomy today but I know and believe in my heart, everything will make perfect sense in His own beautiful time. 

Hello June!

I am BACK! *grin*
Yes, I’m still alive. Just been hibernating from the blog world. 
Because I’ve been lazy again. 
Because I was sick on and off. 
Because of the sudden/unpredictable weather change 
that can happen within 8 hours. 
Oh, how fun!  *sigh*
I can’t remember all of it but I’ll post pictures to tell the story of May.
Too bad, that we missed the chance for this year’s spring pictures.
When I say spring pictures- I mean flowers, specifically tulips in the pictures. 

Oh well, I'll take the perfect weather in the pictures above than nada . :)
We achieved our 11th year of dating. *wink*
We bonded with the Howards for the long weekend. 
Unfortunately,  this is the only decent picture we have- only with the very sweet Gina.

That’s pretty much it.
Some days, I've been learning pingpong.
Most days…  I’ve been sneezing like maniac!