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Snowy Valentine's Night

Tired and freezing with my Valentine 
after our dinner date
at Panda Cuisine- an authentic Chinese resto


My laziness stood obstinate over the weekend which did not change a bit up to now. Scrap booking and sewing were both suspended as I kept myself busy over Ebay.

It all started with my precious phone going dead for almost a month. I postponed my mourning after failing on my countless attempts to charge it. Thinking it was just the battery, I placed an order for another one on Amazon. A little hope wailed from within me as I installed the new battery in and turned the phone on. Lights on the keypad flashed a bit and then it went dead again. One more time, I turned it on and another time, the same thing happened. I grabbed the charger hoping it would somehow help. It started charging but stopped in a blink of an eye. Still hoping it was just some loose connection, I positioned the phone quite fixed firmly. It worked, but only for a second. I sat down upset but still not wanting to give up. Hubby tried his own techniques and when he gave up, I too, finally lost hope. 

I swore this would be my last cell phone as soon as I got hold of it. It’s a fairly good phone for me and it has served me well for the last 2 years. And even if I had wished for it to have a FM radio, I love my phone just the same. Unfortunately, time has come for it to bid goodbye. I have to accept the fact that this phone is indeed dead and there’s no way to revive it. 

And so I started dealing with my loss. Google became my best buddy as I searched and researched for a cell phone that would fill in the void left by my beloved motorazr. At first I was torn between going postpaid and sticking to prepaid. But since I can’t consume a $15 card a month, I picked the latter. With the list of features I want in a phone, I finally found what I wanted. But just when I decided to purchase my dream phone, something else came up. And because I tend to try everything and anything to save some bucks, I am willing to delay my purchase for a couple more days and maybe weeks. What’s ironic though is I have already ordered a leather case for it, which hopefully will be delivered just in time when my dream becomes a reality.

I am continuously lurking on Ebay with high hopes that my dream phone won’t be gone too soon. Not only has this caused my productivity at stake but it led me to temptation after temptation to bid for. Talk about unnecessary expenses now but I am all excited for my items to be delivered soon.