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No to Alzheimer’s...

I thought I’d only see it on movies.

Grandma seemed to have forgotten everything. She can’t remember her name, wonders why she’s there and treats everybody around her as strangers. There’s grandpa, patiently escorting her, doing everything he could to make her remember including who he is to her and some other memories that he thought would help. She smiles, considers the eerie details for a little bit and behaves better. Grandpa stands by her until it’s time to kiss her forehead goodnight hoping she’ll remember tomorrow. The morning comes and she gives everyone a blank stare… Alzheimer’s as diagnosed by her doctors.

My mom informed me of her aunt who has been showing the same symptoms for more than a year already. She doesn’t know her children and every night she waits for her husband to come home, who, according to her is at work but has actually died some years ago. What’s more sad is they live in some rural area in a tiny island province in the Philippines, where no proper treatment can be given to such. I felt sorry for her children especially because they can do nothing about it but only to take care of her as much as they can.

My only idea of the disease is that it comes with aging and absence of memory workout. I know it’s sad news so before our conversation turns out sentimental. I jokingly told my mom that she and dad can’t keep their brain idle. I think they need to do crossword puzzles or anything that would make them think. I really think they should. I suggested that they go online and try funbrain games. It’s educational and entertaining so I think it’s a great and fun way for them to at least exercise their brains once in a while. I, too, am considering to keep my mind operational- to keep it effective even when I grow old. Ha!

Seriously, I hope and pray my parents won’t have to go through that ordeal. I pray for my mom’s aunt’s healing and that her family may find peace and comfort in the Lord.

May 3

was three days ago!

It's special because it's...

my parent's 29th anniversary...

my closest and most beautiful cousin's birthday...


our monniversary... wooott!

It’s getting hot!

I guess summer is coming sooner than expected. While outdoors can be fun during this time of the year, I still prefer the cold of winter. I really rather freeze in the ice than sweat a ton under the scourging heat of the sun.

Sure, I can turn air conditioning on. But honestly… I want some fresh air with the sweet scent of garden flowers. I wish I live in the beautiful country side of town where I can leave my windows open with gorgeous vinyl shutters on. Maybe it will be pretty relaxing to glance at the some awesome landscape in the comfort of your own yard. I bet the day gets better as soon as you get home from a stressful day at work. Beautiful, beautiful dream…

In reality, we live in an apartment near downtown Lexington. Our little habitat has nothing fancy- not even vinyl shutters on as most houses in the area have. For the time being however, it’s all we need- a shelter.

I dream of bungalows and mansions with a wide lawn, a pool and maybe a gazebo. A garden of flowers and another for vegetables, some fruit trees, puppies and kitties will complete the family. A twin or two will most likely make it home. What a beautiful life that would be…