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Enemy's tricks and a Lesson learned

Trick #1
I finally heard from the university regarding the final exam that I missed due to the proctor’s absence. They agreed to give me a make up exam and I thought that was the end of the story. I received an unexpected notice from Paypal yesterday reminding me to pay $150 for my make up exam. Freaking out, I composed an email to address my concern on paying for my proctor’s irresponsibility.

Trick #2
Despite the car’s battery change last Saturday, it again showed faulty behavior the other day. When I went down to check what was going on, four people from the apartment compound surrounded the car bumper. Hubby met Charlie and asked for help. Charlie then called another guy for help then two more volunteered to help, all of them trying to figure out what’s wrong and all concluded that the starter was the culprit. Yesterday hubby, accompanied by Charlie, brought the car back to the shop where he bought the battery and was told that battery that was replaced caused the starter problem, which only meant the starter itself, needs to be replaced as well.

Trick #3
At Wal-Mart parking lot, hubby shut his door locked with keys still inside the car. He realized it as soon as I was about to shut my door and mumbled the words too late for me to react. I was shocked for a moment and later distressed with the fact that we either have to break the window or pay good amount to have it opened. A guy told us we can ask a police to open it for us but the police said they don’t do it anymore. We were given pop-a-lock’s number to request for their service. Charlie came just after my debit card was charged for their service. To add to my dismay, he could have done it for free.

All I wanted to do was to scream at the toppest top of my lungs. What a terrible day! But you see, it was not bad after all...
  • The DE office of the university immediately replied apologizing, stating that the charge was mistakenly sent to me. That somehow gave me a relief and I thank them for considering my situation.
  • Hubby and Charlie were able to get a starter at a cheaper price in a junk yard somewhere.
  • Atleast, we got the key back without having to break the window.

Hubby and I remained quiet until we got home and up to this morning. We missed our bible reading and prayer last night then we also missed our prayer this morning. I think this painted a wide grin on the enemy’s face but hey you, don’t rejoice just yet… We exchanged our sorry’s and we’re not missing our bible reading and prayer tonight.

It’s sad how easily we get carried away by small circumstances like this; that it can totally ruin the moment; that it can affect our relationships and how we deal with others; that it can completely turn us around and transform us into some monster forgetting who we ought to be. While the adversary cheers of what we have become, the Great Defender continues to stand beside us, hoping we would turn around another time to get back to our senses and react appropriately to the matter. That for me is a lesson learned.

UK Arboretum

Is where we set off after church yesterday. It was beautiful! Not only were the plants gorgeous but the atmosphere was just breathtaking. We were surrounded mostly by green and some assortment of spring colors. Although some plants and flowers have just started to grow, we were nevertheless amused with those that have already bloomed.

More pictures below will speak for themselves.
Sorry to say, I do not know their names.

We’ll definitely visit the place again.

Hopefully everything has radiantly blossomed by then
and the butterfly sanctuary will then come into actuality.

Now planted

two on the patio

nine of them indoor
I was told by hubby that a notice in the laundry room stated that we are not allowed to put anything on our patio since it will block the passage of other tenants. I debated that some of our neighbors have their plants, gas grills, benches and chairs situated on their patios so why can’t we place our tomato plants on ours? But after realizing that we’ll probably need more space than that of our patio for them all, I decided to just have them in door and set only two on the patio, right beside our door.

So there, my indoor tomato garden and the two on the patio all serve as ornaments to our apartment. I hope they will survive and grow healthy and bear fruit very soon. Yumyum…

Tomatoes for a bad day

Today is one of those bad days that I have to patiently deal with. First, my proctor did not show up for my most awaited final exam. I waited for him for three hours, hoping he would somehow come out from wherever but he really did not. Next, the car won’t start when we finally decided to leave the test center. Hubby suspected the battery is malfunctioning. That only means that we have to go have it checked and see what’s wrong or worse, to confirm a need for a battery change.The latter was validated at the shop and more than a 100 bucks was swiped.

On the lighter note, we kept our promise to help Kathy, an office mate, on her yard work. Hubby mowed her yard while I help her plant her tomatoes, broccoli and some other perennial flowering plants. It was fun! I enjoy planting and would love to see them grow. I wish we had a yard as huge as hers that we can work on too. She sweetly compensated us with her remaining tomatoes, some pots and topsoil with fertilizer for planting them.

I planted one after having enough time to rest.

There’s surely more than enough for our little patio.
I wish I still have some energy to plant them all.
Okay then, I’m just too tired for now.
I’ll surely post more shots of them as soon as we get them planted and settled.

Soap and Shampoo Bars

I have been striving to get the right shampoo for my scalp and hair type. I have not only switched from one product to another, spending a pretty penny, but have also done various experiments to which both have reacted positively at some point but then eventually turned resentful in the end. I swear, I did my best to make them happy but nothing just seemed to work. In spite of this, I have not given up on my crowning glory and never will. I have spent time on the internet googl-ing for tips and tricks on how I can take care of both better. I thought I have done enough on my own and it’s time to solicit some advice online.

Chagrin Valley website was recommended by most people in LongHairCommunity forums. I stopped by their site, just looked at the prices, and was skeptical. I continued to use this shampoo that promised healthy scalp and beautiful hair, until the time came when it’s almost gone and nothing has changed. I visited the said website one more time but I remained undecided. I have hopped from one website to another and was almost persuaded by some of these websites’ products’ descriptions. Then again, I remained doubtful with everything and still unhappy with my shampoo.

I went back to Chagrin Valley and Café Moreno shampoo bar caught my sight, not only that it sounded coffee but it sounded very interesting to me. That made up my mind that made me want to purchase it right away. Just when I was about to do so, a note at the bottom of its description said, “Not ready until May 2, Can only be shipped and ordered on April 25.” From there I resigned to the thought that maybe this really isn’t for me.

Ironically, at the end of the day, I found myself composing an email to their customer service inquiring about it and a couple more items to save shipping. No response was received on that weekend so I decided to go on with my order only if they respond to my email. Gladly, they did last Monday and I completed my order on that same day. I was pleased with Ida (I think she’s the owner) when I talked to her over the phone about altering my order. She gladly accommodated my request and that made me all the more excited.

The parcel was delivered to the apartment yesterday
but hubby and Laxman (from Nepal) went to the library.

A notice was left in the mailbox and all I wanted was to go get it from the post office as soon as I can. Sadly, it was already past 5PM and they’re closed by then. Anyhow, to make my long story short, hubby picked it up this afternoon that made me so agitated to get home early.

These are what I got!

I love their smell by now.
A Soap Sack and Citrus Chamomile Shampoo Bar
Cafe Moreno (leftmost) and Extra Honey Beer & Egg (rightmost) Shampoo Bars
Grapeseed Shea (Middle) Soap

Hopefully they'll do great wonders with my crowning glory and my skin too...

Fingers Crossed

I am anxiously waiting for something, thrilled but scared. I wish I could conceal myself from reality and drift away to dreamland. I wish I have infinite chances to undo the past misfortunes and opt for better choices. I wish I have the power to transform reverie into veracity. I wish life is less complicated- simple as those wishes granted by the great ginnnie in the bottle.

I am waiting for something- something I find unattainable on my own; something I am so unworthy of; something that I have to surrender to the One with greater power than that of ginnie in the bottle, with whom nothing is impossible, the One with the supreme knowledge of what’s best for me.

I keep my fingers crossed, prayers resounding deep within. Strengthen me, fortify my faith. Equip me with enough patience to wait on You- for Your will in my life. Help me trust in You come what may.

I keep my fingers crossed letting go as You take charge.

I'm sleepy...

..,tired and possibly grouchy.

Hubby set his alarm at 12:30AM just so we can bid for an item we were eyeing on Ebay. Unfortunately, we lost! He bade way too early giving the winner just enough reaction time to outbid us before the auction ended. I have to purchase the item on a fixed price now which is not bad at all. I am planning to have it sent as a surprise anniversary present for my parents. Though I know only my siblings will enjoy the toy since my parents are not up to date with hi tech gadgets, I think they can use it for their planned vacation which I hope will push through.

My conscience bothered me a bit on hubby being awake while I was in deep slumber so I transferred from the bedroom to the living room couch and lazily curled up half-awake. There was only 43 seconds left when I finally got up to witness his supposedly triumph. Excitement seemed to have pushed my own alarm button that my lethargy was all transformed to an all-out energy, ready to purchase the item. Then again we lost…

I went online, surfed and had a chat with a friend for a little while. I gracefully left the conversation hoping to return to where I left off slumber land. Sadly, I ended up with a couple of toss and a few more turns so I decided to get up rather than waste time. The same friend was still awake so we resumed our chat. I posted my Ruby Tuesday/Wordless Wednesday entry. I sneaked a quick look on my notes time and again, hoping to study a little for my final exam. Because I cannot sleep, I opted to multi-task.

Time passed me by so quickly. I took a hot bath then dressed up for work. We prayed before hubby drove me to work. I was fine this morning but now I’m too sleepy, too tired and probably can be too grouchy.


Don't hesitate to stop and smell the flowers today...

A Cup of Hot Milk

I can’t remember the last time I had one. Maybe it was when I was still recuperating from my fractured tibia bone and I have no choice but to obey my mom’s concerned demand at that time. My doctor mom said that it would help accelerate my bone’s healing process but all I remember was me getting bloated having not just one cup but three glasses of milk everyday- one for each meal. OK, maybe it served its purpose but too bad it has its added effect on my weight.

I drink cold fresh milk. I really don’t know what’s with hot milk that makes me yuck at it! I remember eating my breakfast before going to school then alertly and secretly throwing my milk on the sink when my mom turns her back to get my baon from our little sari-sari store. Of course, I wasn’t too clever for my mom not to know it. She eventually figured it out and resorted to mixing Milo (a chocolate drink) and Nido (milk brand) just so I won’t pour it all down the drain. That option did help just a little bit as I still manage to sneakily empty the glass however and whenever I get the chance to do so.

While we were taking our family breakfast at one instance, I requested for a coffee from our house help. I can still imagine my mom’s reaction at what I thought was a cute and sweet little request. Well, I just gave it a try and luckily they granted my request with shallow threat that a constant intake of coffee rather than milk will deteriorate my brain. I just gave them a big grin, rejoicing over my first cup of coffee and never minding their threat. I did not believe them and I really didn’t care. I was still given the same old chocolate-milk drink following that event and I continued to exercise my little acts of shrewdness.

If they call it love at first sight, mine is love at first taste. I fell in love with my first cup of coffee. As I grew up, I would prepare my own coffee for breakfast frequently receiving the same old warnings from different people in the house. They never get tired while I got used to it, mastering the art of stubbornness. They finally gave up on me when I was in high school and became even powerless when I went to college in Cebu. Although it wasn’t for long, since my mom regained her reign as she has to take care of me when I was injured due to an accident (just another story to tell). She fed me with a glass of milk for each meal. I meekly submitted to her demand while we made a compromise with the type of milk she had to include in her grocery list.

I would drink each glass of milk all the way down, gulping as much as I can without really tasting even a bit of it. This is what happened this morning. I ran out of coffee in the office. I thought I’d get a cup at the vending machine but I have no money at all. So I opted to prepare a cup of hot milk, waited for it to cool a little and drank it all the way down.

I actually wondered how it tasted.


I am back to the good old days when I have nothing to do but wait for something from my TL (team leader). Oh yeah, my TL is new. He was on board with the team for less than a month (I think) and because he’s also a TL of another team, both teams merged now so we almost doubled our number now. What about my old TL? Well, he’s now on another team, doing applications development rather than just managing a team. Maybe he too used to be bored as I am now.

For almost two weeks now, I did nothing but surf. I just have to restrain myself from doing too much of it or I might be ejected from office. Alternative is to go over my study notes for my final exam next Saturday. Good idea but it really makes me soooo sleepy! Besides, so sad that I can’t absorb anything that I read. Perhaps, studying for me seems to be very effective when I cram.

So here I am babbling away my boredom. Thanks for bearing with me though.

Dear friend...

It saddens me that you're sad
It hurts to hear you cry
If only I could wrap my arms around you
I would...
To console what you feel
To make you invincible
To guard you from more heartaches and pains

I want to tell you to stop
To grow and to let go
But I can't be blunt enough
To hurt you more
And care less...
Unsolicited advice and insensitive reactions
Will be the least thing you need
All I can do is to listen and stand by you

I wish I had a magic wand
That I can use to shove your troubles away
To bring back that sweet smile on your face
To redeem your old happy self
To simply undo the past
And help you start from the scratch

I wish I can be a better friend
A superwoman who can save you
From all you’re going through
I remain hopeless that we’re miles and miles apart
Except that you’re never missed in my prayers
And please know that...
He will take care of you more than I can

Birthday boy

wearing his birthday gift...

Happy Birthday mahal ko!




The MOST GORGEOUS(EST) Groom in the world

I love you Nin
I wish you nothing
Only the BEST...

Angelic Easter Faces

I want to share these lovelyangelic faces on Easter Sunday.

Twins: Amelia and Jacob




Caleb and big brother

The church was jam-packed yesterday. Most people grab this opportunity to invite loved ones to church for this once a year celebration. I hope and pray that this will not be the first and last time for these visitors to come to our church but may their hearts be touched that they would love to come again and worship with us.

The choir did another awesome performance that most of the visitors stood up and joined the praise and worship. There was also a beautiful interpretative presentation by the young people. Unfortunately, the camera’s battery went dead even before the service began so no shots were taken for these.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Caving Experience

My first was at Carter Caves Resort Park last Saturday.

We did our last minute shopping and preparation on that same morning.
Meeting place was at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Hamburg at 10AM
and we were there just in time.

I was a bit unsure of whether to go or not but I’m glad
my introvert self was outdone with excitement...

and hubby’s outgoing nature.

We came across some caves that we just turned our backs on
for some reason I can’t remember.

We climbed up the mountains searching
for more of them that we can get into and explore.

We crawled through the muddy and narrow apertures of the caves.

We came across spiders and bats.

We plunged through the cold waters running though them.

We ended up victorious after
our quick trek from one side of the cave to the other.

We’ve had so much fun with the young people from church.

I still feel weak as I have not regained all my energy yet
but it was one of a kind experience that I would love to do again.
It was just fun, fun, fun!