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Caving Experience

My first was at Carter Caves Resort Park last Saturday.

We did our last minute shopping and preparation on that same morning.
Meeting place was at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Hamburg at 10AM
and we were there just in time.

I was a bit unsure of whether to go or not but I’m glad
my introvert self was outdone with excitement...

and hubby’s outgoing nature.

We came across some caves that we just turned our backs on
for some reason I can’t remember.

We climbed up the mountains searching
for more of them that we can get into and explore.

We crawled through the muddy and narrow apertures of the caves.

We came across spiders and bats.

We plunged through the cold waters running though them.

We ended up victorious after
our quick trek from one side of the cave to the other.

We’ve had so much fun with the young people from church.

I still feel weak as I have not regained all my energy yet
but it was one of a kind experience that I would love to do again.
It was just fun, fun, fun!

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