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Happy father's day!

I called papang this morning to greet him that. I've always looked up to my father despite our chaotic past. He may not be the perfect dad but I am always thankful to the Lord for him and more thankful of what he has become when he completely submitted his life to the Lord.

In this afternoon's church service, I uttered the same words as soon as I bended my knees during the altar call. I greeted the greatest Father of all and began weeping as I pondered on everything He's done for me.

When God ran

How beautiful!
No matter how prodigal we can become, we know He loves us just the same...

Anyway....Happy father's day to all fathers and fathers-to-be out there!


-hubby's favorite ride at Kings Island...

Free food = block party

As previously stated, details will follow soon. So here it goes…

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. We drove off to church to help prepare for the block party at Kirklevington park scheduled at 12 noon. There was a total of about 10 different vehicles- cars, vans, trucks and the church bus, all filled with our needs for the rest of the day- hotdogs and buns, sodas, mineral water, prizes, grills, people and the baptistry.

As we got there, preparations and arrangements were made quick since many church members showed up to help and support the cause of the party. Flyers were distributed a couple weeks earlier but some members continued to knock doors within the park vicinity to invite more people to join us.

Scoober, our dog mascot
also patiently stood by the side road
waving his free food sign to attract people to come to the party.

click to enlarge
Music was rendered by different people and groups all day to entertain people. A total of 190 registered guests partook of the provision prepared by the church. Some had quick introduction about our church, our faith and our doctrine. Kids were all around playing by the playground, goofing around with Scoober, surrounding Ballooney for their flower, animal and hat balloons, eagerly waiting in queue to have their faces painted by Melissa, some blowing bubbles while others grabbing balloons only to let them fly away. Kids rush to Brother Chris every time registration tickets are drawn for different prizes. While guardians patiently baby sit the kids, they were also compensated with prizes, of course, other than toys.

We were all excited to see God move and were very happy to see people enjoy an Apostolic atmosphere throughout the day. Brother Antwain preached for about 15minutes. Many stayed to listen. Some repented of their sins. A few others wanted bible studies. The good report concludes with 9 being baptized in Jesus’ name and 1 receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. A total of 9 people from our valued party guests were on Sunday school yesterday. Follow up such as phone calls, visitations and bible studies will be organized.

I say amen to what was said in the pulpit yesterday- “I want to go to heaven. I want my spouse to be in heaven with me. I want to bring our children there too. Sure, I want my family, friends and all my loved ones in heaven. And if I can, I also want to bring those I don’t know to heaven.”

Cool trip gone hot.

It was a 95 degree summer day. We were on the road , all excited and happy and definitely can’t wait to get to our camp grounds. It’s still about an hour 30 minutes more to our destination when one of us raised the uncomfortable feeling of the increasing warmth inside the car.

All of us remained quiet about it even that has been unanimously felt for a while already. Seated in front I took a close look at the AC only to discover it was not working anymore. Realizing this, we opened the car windows that sure helped us the get some air but did not lessen our agony of the hot summer day.

Per time estimate, we’ll get there 15 minutes before the opening ceremony which means we cannot delay our trip, drop by one of those car shops and get the AC fixed. We need to get to our destination on time as most of us have responsibilities for the opening ceremony. I therefore conclude that we have mercy on the AC’s misbehavior and endure the day’s hot weather plus humidity.

Lesson: Have your car and everything in it ready for a long trip. Check the wheels and make sure the reserved tire has enough air pressure. Inspect your AC for summer trip and the heater on wintertime. Ensure brakes, diesel fuel pump and the like work good.

I don’t have much experience on cars so I prefer to have everything check on an auto shop. That gives me enough assurance that my car will get me to wherever sfe and sound.

Free food

Courtesy of Greater Faith Apostolic Church

...details coming soon.


Yeah, summer’s been super fun already. We’ve been out for two straight hot Saturdays, all of which were awesome. We still have the next Saturdays packed up with outdoor activities. We could only wish our loved one s are here to enjoy each summer weekend with us. They’d surely love it especially those church fellowship activities.

Back home, we usually go to beaches during summer time. But what I like most is when my dad drives far from the city for a road trip then we’ll hang out on the province’s “country side.” My favorite part is when we shoot for coconuts using his 45-caliber gun. I remember my first time. I hit the target! The coconuts that fell will be used for “buko” salad later in the day for a refreshing snack.

I’ve always been proud to be a captain’s daughter and I bet, dad’s prouder of me to be able to point and shoot coconuts for food.

Maybe when he gets here, hunting will be cool. I wonder if a 45-caliber gun is allowed for such. Then a Blackhawk SERPA Holster will be a good idea to add convenience.

Oh I miss my papang now! It's almost father's day...

The Circle

At Kings Island

I faced my fear…

But I have not conquered it completely.

Fear of heights remained evident in my system.

When I was a little girl, I would love to visit my Aunt Delia. She is the youngest (and I’d say, the prettiest) among my mom’s half-siblings. She lives in my grandma’s old Spanish-style two-story house with a patio over-looking the entire neighborhood. However, having to climb the long wooden stairs always held me back from seeing her as often as I’d like to and although fresh air is inviting I would seldom go or stay on the patio. My knees would just terribly shake when I look down. I always feared I’d fall from the patio or even from the stairs.

I am embarrassed to admit it- my knees still shake whenever I look down from high places up to now. Nevertheless, I am willing to muster enough courage to overcome this trepidation as much as I can.

Both excited and curious, I agreed with hubby to go with some young people from church to Kings Island. I heard stories of thrill and terror on different ride experiences, but butterflies exist nowhere in my stomach on our way to Cincinnati, which is about 2 hours away from Lexington. I just wanted to get there and try as many rides as I can so I can blog as much as I can about it.

Hubby, I, Chelsea, Morgan, Rachel, Brittney, Keith & Melissa

As a head start for a very hot long day, we rode Adventure Express, a runaway train coaster. We got into tunnels with monster-like sounds but nothing scary. It ran at 35mph for approximately 2minutes. It wasn’t bad at all for a first timer like me. “Is that it?” I silently mumbled to myself at the end, expecting a rather intense ride than that.

We headed to The Racer, a wooden twin-tracked coaster. Its speed was 55mph, apparently faster than the previous with a few up and down twirls. I remember fearfully gripping hubby’s arm, praying so hard for Jesus to keep us safe. Hubby said I was all red after the ride while Keith noticed me become pale after a while. I was fine but that got me literally scared to death!

Melissa said she was closing her eyes the whole time when we rode The Racer and she will not be riding the Vortex, which is next on the our list. It runs faster than The Racer and runs on a smooth steel track. Aside from up and down twirls, it has a vertical loop. We waited for about 40minutes in line and hearing the screams of people riding it made me doubt for a moment to stay with Melissa or give it a try. I gave it a try and it scared me less- not sure if it’s because I closed my eyes the whole time or because it was not that bumpy as the wooden coasters.

Next is my favorite- the White Water Canyon. I got over with my trauma of the previous rides as we jumped into white water rafting. I found it really awesome and relaxing. It cooled my nerves and helped me regain my sanity which I thought I lost somewhere during our previous coaster rides. We got wet bumping through the rugged river but I just love it! I’d be happy to do that for the rest of the day.

We also tried The Wild Thornberrys™ River Adventure in we which we simply steered our boats and navigate through the splash filled journey. We got wet for the second time as a spraying elephant met us as at the end of the journey.

The Beast is the world’s oldest roller coaster. It lasted for 5minutes at 70mph. I had my eyes close-open alternatley for most part and still prayed fervently. As a souvenir for our first time in Kings Island, hubby bought a picture of us- my eyes closed while hubby was anxiously smiling.

More extreme rides were waiting for us after lunch break.

We hopped into Invertigo, a face to face inverted roller. I was facing Chelsea while hubby was facing Morgan. It ran at 55mph. I still closed my eyes at some point but not as much as I did before. Chelsea was a brave girl. I couldn’t tell how she felt all the while but she had her eyes opened the whole time and never screamed. Morgan had her eyes closed most of the time. I bet she was scared as I was. I never thought I’d try this one. I heard screams as we approached it and seeing how riders were brought to the top then released then inverted at some point made me feel like backing out.

I swear I felt okay after that. I chewed a Starburst while on our way to Flight deck. I started feeling uncomfortable before our turn but rode it anyway. We flew on tree tops which was supposedly fun but all I remember was feeling dizzy after that and wanting to throw up. They all agreed to ride it one more time since we don’t have to wait in line. I finally said no and decided to stay with Melissa.

We waited for them and they decided to try Son of Beast- the tallest, fastest wooden coaster at 78pmh. Just looking at it makes me dizzier so I refused again. I stayed with Melissa and Brittney hoping to relax a little. After sitting a few minutes under the heat of the sun, we decided to look for a shade.

We passed by several areas with good shades but they kept walking. Wondering what they’re up to but too tired to bring it up, I just followed them. To my surprise, we reached the Viking Fury, a swinging pirate ship. Oh no! I haven’t recovered from dizziness and here we are. I was too shy to let them know so we waited in line. I am fine with the ship going up but my knees shook so bad when it went down. I can’t tell you how happy I was when it’s finally over!

The three of us met with those that rode Son of Beast at Delirium entrance. They were ready for it, which looks to me like being rotated in a tornado. There’s no way I am trying it! I want to conserve my energy for our last ride so I just took pictures of them, who valiantly rode it.

Drop Tower

Standing at 315 feet is the Drop Tower, the world’s tallest Gyro Drop. Riders will be transported to the top of the tower then dropped at 61 mph. This is what I’ve been looking forward to since we came in the morning. I wanted to know how it feels being at the top or how badly my knees will shake. At first, I kept looking down to see how far we are, but the farther we got, my knees started shaking- bad to worst. I looked straight while hubby looked up to see if we reached the top of the tower already. Realizing that we were already dropped, the lady sitting next to me kept mumbling “I won’t look down, I won’t look down” so I did the same thing. It happened really fast. The next thing I knew is we’re already down.

Keith decided that we go home but Rachel wanted us to try Firehawk by which riders lie down and fly at 51mph. I really felt like I was flying like Superman does and it felt so good. Hubby and Keith raised their hand while I and Chelsea held on to our seats. We were all glad we tried it. It was my favorite of all the coasters we’ve tried.

During the last two rides above, part of me was able to finally let go although part of me still held on to fear. I was still scared and worried that something might go wrong somewhere, somehow along the ride. My experience with Kings Island tells me a lot about myself- someone who worries too much who oftentimes miss the fun. But I am just proud of myself to have at least tried the different roller coasters.

Morgan, Rachel, Melissa, Keith & I

At some point during that day, I told hubby that I will never do it again but after having enjoyed the last two rides for a bit, I made up my mind. I’m going back to Kings Island and am riding the roller coasters again!

Busy as a bee

That's what I've been!

Blessings in disguise

Oh so beautiful for my ugly feet ;)

After frittering much of my energy venting out my frustration through my previous entry, I realized that everything that happened with me and the cashier was a blessing in disguise. I was granted a $15 gift card in exchange of the cashier’s awful customer relations skills and the $5 off the original price that she insistently excluded from my purchase.

Sometimes we overlook the little blessings because some other things tend to come into the picture and blur them out. Annoyance robs our attention, taking away the joy from our hearts, filling it up with fury for a replacement. Sometimes one more word or another gesture can push the red button in us that may lead us further to wrongdoing.

I guess my reaction was normal. What I could have done more would be irrational especially for somebody who claims to be a Jesus freak like I do.

Ephesians 4:26 says “Be ye angry but sin not…”

This sounds ironic for me. How can I be angry without sinning at all? When I get angry, I mostly only care about what I feel. All I am so concerned about is how my pride was being crashed whether it be noticeably or just to some extent. I was embarrassed. I was hurt. I was right. That’s all that matters to me. I have the right to be angry thus, I have the right to do or say whatever suits me best.

Thanks to the Sunday school lessons at church, that is not how the world goes for me now. Just because I am angry and I have the right to be, doesn’t permit me to do or say whatever I want. I have to remember my crowning glory and my fashion sense for holiness and most especially for Whom I am doing all these. As much as I want to let the bomb within me explode ferociously, I just have to stop and think again.

And so, when I thought of barging once again in to the Payless shop after work yesterday and ask the cashier how her manager confronted her, I smiled to myself and thank the Lord for the $15 gift card; went home and tried on the sandals I got for myself.

This is not a rant

...just a long story to blog about.

I asked hubby to drop me near Payless before we got into Walmart parking lot yesterday.

As I opened the door, my eyes instantly feasted on the wide selection of sandals which were on sale. I heart Espadrilles (which I cannot even pronounce) so very much so I spend most of my time trying on different styles. My feet are long and slender (and don’t forget, ugly) which always give me a hard time looking for the right size to suit them. So I am mostly having a hard time letting go of something once it made my feet feel oh-so-beautiful.

I slipped on one size to another but was a bit disappointed they were kind of big for my feet. I went into the other aisle and found a pair of the same kind that I fell in love at first sight with, and alas, they were just right for my size. I asked the cashier what happens if I get only one pair. How will “Buy 1, Get 1 on 50% off” apply? She snobbishly replied that I don’t get anything if I only get one item. Wanting to get the Espadrilles so bad and at the same time avail of the discount, I patiently retreated from our conversation and told hubby to look for something so we could avail of latter.

The shoe he was eyeing on was too big for him. He then turned to the same lady I was talking to earlier and inquired if they still have a smaller size of that pair. She showed almost the same kind of gesture as she did with me, telling him that what he’ll see on display are the only items left. That’s fine, thank you…but she could have said it in a better, well-mannered and friendlier way. We would understand anyway. No worries.

Hubby suggested that I can get a purse just so I can avail of the discount, which the cashier agreed although still a bit grumpy. So I took a few rounds in the purse section but found none that caught my attention. I went back to the sandals section and stumbled upon a simple but elegant pair of flats. Since we took hours and hours in the store already and we still have to look for something at Walmart, I resolutely went to the cashier to pay for my items.

Now, that was the long introduction there. The story starts here.

Before she scanned my beloved Espadrilles, I asked her for its price, wanting to confirm that it was indeed $5 off the original price. Her face, quite irritated, penciled in a frown telling me that if I can find a box of my size tagged with $5 off, then I’d get it at that price. Otherwise, I’ll have to pay the original price. I was a bit hesitant but I paid for the items since I can get the other one for 50% off anyway.

This morning I opened Payless website out of the blue and found out that those Espadrilles were indeed at $5 off. I called the store and talked to the same cashier I paid my items to. She insisted that only the pink pairs were on $5 off this time contrary to her reasoning yesterday. After much more patience on her stupid reasoning, she said she opened their website and the item was not on $5 off. How come, I am on the same website, looking on the same product and mine was on $5 off…..!?! When she said that I am more than welcome to return the item, I finally said okay.

And the story is not over. I dialed Payless’ 1800 number, inquired of the item’s price and customer service confirmed that same item was on $5 off and so, I started telling my story. I was calm but admitted that I was so pissed of especially that she lied to me, maybe intentionally, just to prove she was right and I was wrong. Customer service apologized and said he entered all needed information to a complaint form that will be brought to the district manager’s attention as well as the store manager. To soothe my aggravation, customer service assured a $15 gift card for me.

I can hear that, oh-come-on-it’s-JUST-$5-no-biggie comment. I know that. I just didn’t like being lied to, being fooled that her website showed something else when in fact we are opening exact same URL. I just don’t understand what makes it too hard for her to admit her fault. I won’t punch her for that.

Anyway, that’s finally the end of my long story. The moral is “admitting mistakes is not a fault, failing to correct them is.” I hope she learns a lesson when her manager confronts her about this and I hope there’d be no other victim thereafter.


1 There is a time for everything,
and a season for every activity under heaven:

2 a time to be born and a time to die,
a time to plant and a time to uproot,

3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
a time to tear down and a time to build,

4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
a time to mourn and a time to dance,

5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
a time to embrace and a time to refrain,

6 a time to search and a time to give up,
a time to keep and a time to throw away,

7 a time to tear and a time to mend,

a time to be silent and a time to speak,

8 a time to love and a time to hate,
a time for war and a time for peace.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 (NIV)

So it's June!

I feel like it’s always this time of the year when I start cramming to accomplish my goals for the year (if indeed I have any). I am not the type of person who really set them- maybe general plans, but not those target-to-detail type objectives. I am one of those who go-with-the-flow-on-whichever-path-life-leads-me-to people. In fact most things that happened in my life were not planned accordingly.

I’d say I’m simply unworthily amazingly blessed.

My contract with my current employer is about to end- in two weeks or so, I believe. Will it be renewed? I can only give you a blank stare for an answer. I haven’t heard from the recruiting agency and I have not heard anything from my manager too. I have not been busy with anything lately. There have been plenty of days like this, so I am not sure if being idle gives me the right idea.

Of course, I’m scared. I’m worried. But who am I to paint a picture of my future on my own? As someone accurately stated, “I do not know my future, but I know the One who holds my future!” Isn’t the grip of the One who has it firm enough to keep me secure? That gives me a reason to let go and let these tiny little hands relax.