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Pacquiao KNOCKED Hatton OUT

In just after 2 minutes 59 seconds in the 2nd round
Hitman remained sedated on the floor
caused by a left hook on the jaw
while Pacman was rejoicing for his victory.

I am not a boxing fanatic and never a Pacman fan. For the first time, I stayed awake with hubby to witness the new Filipino hero prove his ability. I don't regret I did because he did not make me wait in more than two rounds as it actually finished earlier than what Pacman's coach predicted.

I know the whole Philippines is fervently waiting for the fight to be aired at this time since it is usually an hour or two late in the country's local channel. It's worth the patience as this new hero will make the whole country proud again.

Well done Pacman!
I am not a fan (maybe not yet)
but am surely proud of you...

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donna said...

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