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I humbly admit that my delinquent behavior on this blog may have been inexcusable especially after introducing the idea of Random7. I promise you, I have been thinking about this blog more often than you know. Then again, a lot has been going on lately that I have to juggle my priorities. Unfortunately, this blog landed the least place.

So, what have I been up to?

Tutorials with my not-so-little sister started with a constant battle between my struggle for patience and her timid personality. Although each session usually ends up with my big disappointment on her performance and her self-pity, I regret yelling over the mic every time. I was afraid the tutorials were degrading her confidence rather than lifting it up. If only I could explain to her in a way that she can comprehend things better, I would. Anxiety emerged until I acknowledged my need for the Lord to give me the wisdom on how to go about it and most importantly the patience that I needed most. I see her progressed in many ways now. Maybe I have improved to be a better tutor as well.

My first major sewing project is what’s keeping me occupied on most of my free time. I am 40% done with it and am hoping to beat my set deadline. I will write about it when it comes out to be at least presentable and hopefully wearable. I am so excited about it and thrilled to start another one soon.

Memorial Day wasn’t eventful for us. We stayed home for the long weekend until boredom became unbearable. We strolled around the Arboretum and played with the camera for a little bit.

Modelling for hubby’s experimental manual SLR shots

My most favorite of all

So far…we are doing a good job on keeping ourselves grounded until our trip to Iowa for my graduation. I’m not sure what happens after that but life’s good and God’s always great! ALL THE TIME.