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Happy Birthday Nay!

She’s not my maternal mom and her name is not “Nay.”

Nanay is how some or most if not all Filipinos call their mom. I first met her in October 2007 when she, being the closest to the university, was requested by Pastor Jay to pick me up for church one Sunday. I found it awkward to call her by name since we usually address some name that depicts respect to our elders back in the Philippines. So upon driving me home that day, I asked if I could call her “Nay” and she sweetly consented.

Nanay Linda and Bitsy, the spoiled brat

I call her Nay from thereon and she, not only became a good friend, but acted as my adopted mom too. I lived with her after my 6-month on-campus course and I enjoyed every bit of each moment we spent together. She taught me a lot of things about America and I am grateful for everything that she’s been and is to me.

Happy birthday Nay! I pray that the Lord will bless you more and more and will keep you warm in His loving arms. I love you and thanks for everything…

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