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My first Random 7

My first random 7

7 because I love the number 7.

I decided that I should at least have an entry a week. It doesn’t have to be about a particular topic because no. 1- I am lazy to think deep and no.2- I want it to be a way of winding out from all of life’s frantic jiffies.

Random no. 1
I am sleepy all day today. Why- because I stayed up late for an auction on Ebay.  I went to bed past 12AM aggravated at the loss of the item I was keeping my eye on for a week and the 2hours I could have spent happily in slumber land.

Random no. 2
We had our department meeting this morning. Business updates affirms that the economy is getting better and the company is coping well. Hopefully all will be well.

Random no. 3
I lurve McDonald’s vanilla ice cream cone. That said, I am craving for one now and may grab one from the closest drive thru on my way home.

Random no. 4

Glad and blessed to spend time with Jamar and Ashley last Wednesday. Thanks for the treat guys. We love you all :)

Random no. 5
This is news delayed… But yes, hubby accidentally stepped on my sunglasses that crashed it to pieces so yes, I need a new one.

Random no. 6
I need not only wisdom but patience with this urgent tutorials I’m doing. This isn’t about me Lord. This is all about You.

Random no. 7
No plans over the weekend… just hoping to work on my sewing projects.

I love Fridays! Well, who don’t? Happy Friday people!

It is past 5PM...

.. but I am still here in the office. This is definitely NOT me. What to do? I came in late today since dear wagon baby broke down this morning. Hubby thinks it’s the battery but all 4 different neighbors suggested that it needs a new starter. Needless to say, the sudden need to replace whatever needs to be replaced will mean unexpected expenses. Oh well… rather than worrying and stressing myself out on this, I’d better be grateful that we still have something to spare for emergency costs like this. Thank you Lord.

And because our bills soared quite high for this month, I was hoping to look for ways to earn online. While surfing, I found thisarticle directory very helpful. I learned a lot of stuff from informative and interesting articles alike. What’s even cooler about it is the opportunity to share your own ideas by submitting your own write-up for free. Ain’t that a good chance to develop anybody’s writing skills and share a talent?

Anyway, I think I need to get back to work so I can get out of here. I’ll wrap up my tasks for the day, pack my stuff and leave. Hopefully, dear wagon will be fixed tonight. Good evening everyone!

Fooling around...

at downtown Lexington...


Happy birthday

to my crazy man...
 I U
always forever.

Cincy, take 2!

Flowers never fail to inspire me of my Creator’s marvelous design of the universe.

I have always wished to visit a flower farm somewhere but the closest we found was...

 - just a tulip garden at the Lexington cemetery.

That stimulated my desire to watch the flower festival in Cincinnati to grow stronger. 
Unfortunately, something unexpected came up so hubby was not very supportive of my plans. 
And so the submissive wife that I am agreed that...

- we visit the Cincinnati zoo and botanical garden instead.

No regrets, I was overjoyed with our decision. 
We got wasted watching all sorts of water, land and air creatures 
and exhausted ourselves posing with the tulips at every angle possible.

I love ‘em long necks...

Off to outlet stores, shopping was our finale.

Kim and I- recharged to go shopping after a long day at the zoo...

Quiet Friday

People usually come and leave the office early on Fridays. The knob from work mode is lowered down to relax mode on the last work day of the week. People in the laboratory come and go from every cube transmitting the lazy-to-work-but-excited-over-the-weekend  virus to and from each other.

That’s the normal but today is odd. Nobody’s roaming around the lab. I can hear no giggling or boisterous wildcats’ stories. No, I don’t think everybody is exerting too much focus on work. I really think everybody’s gone to get started with the weekend.

And because it’s just 2:00PM, I’m still here sitting in my desk, pounding my keyboard while enjoying the tranquility of my work place.

Happy Friday everyone!


Last Saturday

..we went for a road trip to Ohio together with some Lexmark Cebu employees who are spending a month or so of training in the company’s Lexington facility. We knew each other for the first time that day, except for Kim who is my ex-officemate in NCR and hubby’s in Infoweapons. Our itinerary was Jeffersonville, Dayton and Cincinatti.

First stop was Prime Outlets in Jeffersonville

Us gurls, fully charged for the day…

Next was the US Air Force Museum…

Smiling but actually worn-out from walking, looking and posing around the 3-building museum 
that preserved the world’s history…

At downtowm Cincinatti 

Supposedly spring but we’re freezing in a cold winter temperature…
Things didn’t go as planned as we miss going to the Cincinatti Asian store but it was still FUN! 

Because it’s Friday…

And it’s already April… and I only have one entry for March… and because somebody I know have been missing my updates… here’s a brief but ample info of what I’ve been up to lately.

2 weeks old tomorrow…

Dear Sammmy HD is. I received my phone Saturday before last and have been messing with it since. We’ve been getting along pretty well. I don’t have any complaints or regrets so far… I simply love it so much for now!

Refurbished to brand new…

To test Sammy’s wi-fi capability, I ordered a refurbished router from Ebay. It turned out to be defective but the 90-day manufacturer warranty was a blessing. We called Linksys and after an hour of customer service chat, the item was processed for a replacement of a brand new one. Instant bargain, we paid a refurbished price for a brand new one.

Online purchases…

This long skirt deserves to be fought for. It perfectly fits me- from the waist, to the hips and to the length. My workplace is cold so I need a long skirt to keep me warm for 8 hours in the office.

Crocs… I left my rugged shoes in Iowa when we went there for Thanksgiving last November. That’s just the careless me, nothing unusual. Now, since I take a 15-minute roundtrip walk to my desk everyday, I think I at least need decent walking shoes. If that still isn’t reason enough, well…it's on sale and I got it for free shipping.

I know I’ve mentioned unnecessary spending for the nth time in this blog…What to do?! I am a mere human, too weak to resist temptation… Teheee…