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First Week High

Who would have thought I will resign from my previous job? With the recent economic turnaround, I always saw myself being laid off one day. Worse comes to worst, I may not even finish a one-year contract. Not that I am looking forward to it but I was always anxious of my job.

Despite the pessimism though, here I am today- sitting by myself in a little habitat labeled with my complete name. It is the last day of my first work week in my new workplace. Not as busy as the first day, but equally overwhelmed.

I am too blessed! This job is truly an answered prayer.

Thanksgiving '10

It’s this time of the year again!

What am I grateful for this year?
My 2009 list here
all the BLESSINGS great and small
that were beautifully unfolded this year…

1st Quarter:

Wedding anniversary trip to Gatlinburg, TN-
it’s our 3rd year!
T’was one freezing but extremely fun celebration. 
Looking forward to N more years of us…

2nd Quarter:

Graduation trip to Fairfield, IA- finally got my diploma! 
Had a great reunion with old friends from the university 
and loved to see my little church family there.

3rd Quarter:

Unexpected trip to the Philippines-
this may sound too ironic of me.
Yes, that’s right.
There’s no amount of pain reliever that can soothe what
I and my family went through
but hey, God is good! 
And He remains oh so good regardless
of the circumstances we’re in.
In everything, give thanks 
for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you..
1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)
It is most difficult to comprehend His words
at this most difficult time in my life.
But who am I?
He is God and He knows what He’s doing.
And I choose to trust and hold on to His promises.
And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, 
to them who are the called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 (KJV) 

4th Quarter:

All-expense paid trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN-
stayed in a nice hotel,
ate sumptuous meals,
drove around town
and all for free!!! 

My 29th birthday- another year to celebrate life. 

And a greener pasture to thread on… 
For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, 
saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, 
to give you an expected end. 
Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV)

There goes the highlights. 
Hope your actual list of items
to be grateful for
is endless like mine.

Welcome Gift

 Lord, I don't want to miss your blessings 
just because 
they are not packaged as I expected...

Random 7

  1. APOLOGIES!!! I have been really lazy, too bland to blog something.

  1. My heart’s still in the process of recuperating from our family’s loss. I miss Papang everyday… And when weeping ain’t good enough, I resolve my grief to good memories. That’s all I have of him.

  1. I wish some people are sensitive enough to know or realize that I am still hurting. And the least I could take is to hear them complain about life…

  1. Things happen... Life changes… Constant reminder to self: God remains all the same- a great good God! And for that, I remain grateful.

  1. I love fall and everything that comes with it- cooler days and nights, comforters, boots, turtlenecks and the lovely foliage of the season.

  1. I am enjoying our frequent trips to thrift shops these days. I find pleasure in getting great stuff for less.

  1. Thank God it’s Friday. J

House renovation...

... was one of the things that kept us busy on our last trip to the Philippines. I decided to push through with this project without thinking twice.

The budget was limited so have to set our priorities accordingly. As per Mamang’s request, first on the list was to install fences on the extra lot and ensure that Papang’s multicab can be parked within. Next was the house interior that seemed gloomy adding sadness to our hearts as we remember Papang. After tossing all the mess away, double walls were mounted and painted to my favorite shades of light blue. It felt a lot better and surely, some western decor will give it a refreshing ambiance. The kitchen came next and was extended to accommodate the fridge and cabinet, also giving extra space for both our dining and living rooms. The bathroom was our last priority that didn’t demand a lot except for its wall finishing.

It has always been my dream to get my parents a decent house. My ideal was not a mansion but just a basic shelter to cater our family’s needs. With the Lord’s provision, I got myself a small house with an extra lot as my housing loan application easily got approved without any difficulties. Simple as it may seem, it was a dream come true for me. We didn’t have as much money as we have years and years ago but we’ve never been as happy as we are in this little home.

At Indiana's first...

McCormick's Creek State Park

Wedding bells ringing...

Oh yeah, a good friend is getting married! Due to special request that their engagement be kept secret until the couple will formally and personally inform the girl’s parents, I choose to secrete any information of my friend’s identity.

I must admit that I have been doubtful that their relationship will last especially that they only met through cheltenham uk singles online dating. I am a firm believer that long distance relationship never lasts. But despite cynicism, I decided to be a better friend by keeping all my qualms to myself and be supportive of their relationship.

Although theirs wasn’t perfect, they have worked very hard to get to where they are now. I am a witness of how their friendship grew into a commitment of two people devotedly in love with each other. I bet it wasn’t easy. It ain’t even easy for couples who stay in the same roof. What more with distance weighing in- especially over silly misunderstandings and kinda sober fights? I really personally find it too complicated to maintain a long distance relationship where communication is at stake. It’s always better to sit down and talk things over… Don’t you think?

Oh well... they have proven me wrong! I am so happy for both of them and so looking forward for further announcements…

A relaxing evening

with Little Miss Annabelle...
I sooo love this baby girl!

Labor Day Holiday 2010

Twas a great long weekend spent with Daniel, Raquel and little Miss Annabelle.

We were warmly welcomed to their humble abode with some Filipino dishes including Sinabaw na Tahong, Ginagmay and Fruit Salad. Rice, of course, can’t be missing. After chitchatting a bit; we were toured by the lovely family around their small quiet town. The place is a lot more relaxing than Lexington, where we the hassle-buzzle of the city can become a pain sometimes. We concluded day 1, with a trip to Lieber State Recreation Area where Cataract Falls is- Indiana’s largest waterfalls. Back to their house, we had a sumptuous dinner of BBQ baby pork ribs, corn and beans. Yummy!

Daniel, Miss Annabelle, Raquel, I and Nell
with Cataract Falls behind us...

Day 2 was a Sunday and there’s no better way to start it of, than a good church service for our spiritual nourishment. We devoured good Asian food at a Chinese Restaurant for lunch. We were too full already when we got home but needed to leave right away for a Filipino get together. A variety of familiar Filipino dishes were served where we took a little bit of anything we wanted to try and still managed to dig up some room in our tummies. It was also nice getting to know a handful Filipinos who were all excited to mingle and have some fun with their fellow Filipinos. Each of us had her own story to share. I enjoyed and learned a lot from the brief and pleasant time spent with them. When it was time to part ways, we exchanged personal networking cards and reminded each other to keep in touch.

Our crazy pose at McCormicks Creek State Park.

However day 2, wasn’t over yet. We visited Indiana’s first state park- McCormick’s Creek State Park this time. We hiked along trails and got our feet soaked in the rivers, caught some shells and crawfishes for Daniel’s aquarium, and took some crazy shots of the four of us. We were worn out by the time we got home but were still very full. We spent a few more hours chatting until I gave up at half past 12.

Brownings, I and hubby with Ate Nelda and Dave...

Ate Nelda was one of the Filipinas we met at the Filipino party. She and her hubby, Dave, invited us to their place for lunch on day 3. Their house was beautifully seated in a country. We picked some veggies from their garden, got to driving and riding Dave’s ATV around their place, feasted on Ate Nelda’s well and especially prepared Filipino dishes and played Wii.

It was indeed a superb weekend and a wonderful fellowship with wonderful people.

Grief and Gratitude...

Losing Papang is definitely the most painful ordeal that our family has to go through. Emptiness has held me captive to this day, feeling sorry for myself, my siblings and especially Mamang. We will miss him forever. We will miss everything about him- from his little acts of care to the most exaggerated way he showed us love.

This is the toughest of all “toughs” for our family. But the overwhelming sympathy, support and encouragement that came from people, both known and unknown to us, helped us accept and deal with this greatest and unexpected loss. We may have been unable to extend our gratitude to all of you but please know that we do appreciate you all. Indeed, God’s great love and His sovereign goodness continue to reign amidst life’s adversities.

Although I am (and so is the rest of us) still in constant struggle between missing Papang and coping with the pain, I hold on to the Lord’s promises and continuously seek for His strength and wisdom moving forward. 

It's your first birthday in heaven...

As you celebrate it with Jesus
And all the angels sing
Blow those gold candles
Over that silver white cake,
We are sending  you our love
And special prayers too...

Happy birthday in heaven Pang.
We love and miss you... 
More than words can ever say.


It’s been a month and two weeks since our most recent trip to the Philippines. I wish I could tell you how excited we were. Unfortunately, it was an unplanned trip. Too unexpected.

I was in the office that Friday afternoon when I received the bad news. Papang was brought to the hospital. I breathe deeply and got back to work hoping that another email will come soon assuring me that he’s ok. As much as I wanted to convince myself that everything will be alright, I was rather fearful of what could possibly happen.

When I finally got to the apartment, I called Mamang but the update on Papang’s condition wasn’t getting any better. At that moment, I was determined to go home and be with my family come what may. I was perplexed, too confused with what’s happening and totally shocked. I knew I needed to pray but I did not know the right words to say. Tears just flooded my eyes non stop.

My sister together with my siblings-in-law met us at the airport. I squeezed her tight- uncertain who needs that hug the most. When we finally got to talking about Papang’s condition, she held my hand and told me that he passed the night before. I was helpless, I did not make it in time. It broke my heart like never before…

The pain has never gone since then. And I remain doubtful this will ever go. 

I miss Papang. I know I will forever do.

Grateful for...

My professors, classmates and all those 
who have inspired, encouraged, motivated
and challenged me to become better everyday...

My church family for all the prayers and love.

My wonderful friends who lifted me up in defeat
and rejoiced with me in my victories...

Nin for being the bestest hubby in the whole worldwide universe.

My parents and siblings for their all-out support, faith
and never-failing amazement in me…

I could have not made it with out you all!

And most of all, Thank You Jesus!
I giveYou the glory for everything You’ve done and yet to do in my life.


I humbly admit that my delinquent behavior on this blog may have been inexcusable especially after introducing the idea of Random7. I promise you, I have been thinking about this blog more often than you know. Then again, a lot has been going on lately that I have to juggle my priorities. Unfortunately, this blog landed the least place.

So, what have I been up to?

Tutorials with my not-so-little sister started with a constant battle between my struggle for patience and her timid personality. Although each session usually ends up with my big disappointment on her performance and her self-pity, I regret yelling over the mic every time. I was afraid the tutorials were degrading her confidence rather than lifting it up. If only I could explain to her in a way that she can comprehend things better, I would. Anxiety emerged until I acknowledged my need for the Lord to give me the wisdom on how to go about it and most importantly the patience that I needed most. I see her progressed in many ways now. Maybe I have improved to be a better tutor as well.

My first major sewing project is what’s keeping me occupied on most of my free time. I am 40% done with it and am hoping to beat my set deadline. I will write about it when it comes out to be at least presentable and hopefully wearable. I am so excited about it and thrilled to start another one soon.

Memorial Day wasn’t eventful for us. We stayed home for the long weekend until boredom became unbearable. We strolled around the Arboretum and played with the camera for a little bit.

Modelling for hubby’s experimental manual SLR shots

My most favorite of all

So far…we are doing a good job on keeping ourselves grounded until our trip to Iowa for my graduation. I’m not sure what happens after that but life’s good and God’s always great! ALL THE TIME.

No to Alzheimer’s...

I thought I’d only see it on movies.

Grandma seemed to have forgotten everything. She can’t remember her name, wonders why she’s there and treats everybody around her as strangers. There’s grandpa, patiently escorting her, doing everything he could to make her remember including who he is to her and some other memories that he thought would help. She smiles, considers the eerie details for a little bit and behaves better. Grandpa stands by her until it’s time to kiss her forehead goodnight hoping she’ll remember tomorrow. The morning comes and she gives everyone a blank stare… Alzheimer’s as diagnosed by her doctors.

My mom informed me of her aunt who has been showing the same symptoms for more than a year already. She doesn’t know her children and every night she waits for her husband to come home, who, according to her is at work but has actually died some years ago. What’s more sad is they live in some rural area in a tiny island province in the Philippines, where no proper treatment can be given to such. I felt sorry for her children especially because they can do nothing about it but only to take care of her as much as they can.

My only idea of the disease is that it comes with aging and absence of memory workout. I know it’s sad news so before our conversation turns out sentimental. I jokingly told my mom that she and dad can’t keep their brain idle. I think they need to do crossword puzzles or anything that would make them think. I really think they should. I suggested that they go online and try funbrain games. It’s educational and entertaining so I think it’s a great and fun way for them to at least exercise their brains once in a while. I, too, am considering to keep my mind operational- to keep it effective even when I grow old. Ha!

Seriously, I hope and pray my parents won’t have to go through that ordeal. I pray for my mom’s aunt’s healing and that her family may find peace and comfort in the Lord.

May 3

was three days ago!

It's special because it's...

my parent's 29th anniversary...

my closest and most beautiful cousin's birthday...


our monniversary... wooott!

It’s getting hot!

I guess summer is coming sooner than expected. While outdoors can be fun during this time of the year, I still prefer the cold of winter. I really rather freeze in the ice than sweat a ton under the scourging heat of the sun.

Sure, I can turn air conditioning on. But honestly… I want some fresh air with the sweet scent of garden flowers. I wish I live in the beautiful country side of town where I can leave my windows open with gorgeous vinyl shutters on. Maybe it will be pretty relaxing to glance at the some awesome landscape in the comfort of your own yard. I bet the day gets better as soon as you get home from a stressful day at work. Beautiful, beautiful dream…

In reality, we live in an apartment near downtown Lexington. Our little habitat has nothing fancy- not even vinyl shutters on as most houses in the area have. For the time being however, it’s all we need- a shelter.

I dream of bungalows and mansions with a wide lawn, a pool and maybe a gazebo. A garden of flowers and another for vegetables, some fruit trees, puppies and kitties will complete the family. A twin or two will most likely make it home. What a beautiful life that would be…

My first Random 7

My first random 7

7 because I love the number 7.

I decided that I should at least have an entry a week. It doesn’t have to be about a particular topic because no. 1- I am lazy to think deep and no.2- I want it to be a way of winding out from all of life’s frantic jiffies.

Random no. 1
I am sleepy all day today. Why- because I stayed up late for an auction on Ebay.  I went to bed past 12AM aggravated at the loss of the item I was keeping my eye on for a week and the 2hours I could have spent happily in slumber land.

Random no. 2
We had our department meeting this morning. Business updates affirms that the economy is getting better and the company is coping well. Hopefully all will be well.

Random no. 3
I lurve McDonald’s vanilla ice cream cone. That said, I am craving for one now and may grab one from the closest drive thru on my way home.

Random no. 4

Glad and blessed to spend time with Jamar and Ashley last Wednesday. Thanks for the treat guys. We love you all :)

Random no. 5
This is news delayed… But yes, hubby accidentally stepped on my sunglasses that crashed it to pieces so yes, I need a new one.

Random no. 6
I need not only wisdom but patience with this urgent tutorials I’m doing. This isn’t about me Lord. This is all about You.

Random no. 7
No plans over the weekend… just hoping to work on my sewing projects.

I love Fridays! Well, who don’t? Happy Friday people!

It is past 5PM...

.. but I am still here in the office. This is definitely NOT me. What to do? I came in late today since dear wagon baby broke down this morning. Hubby thinks it’s the battery but all 4 different neighbors suggested that it needs a new starter. Needless to say, the sudden need to replace whatever needs to be replaced will mean unexpected expenses. Oh well… rather than worrying and stressing myself out on this, I’d better be grateful that we still have something to spare for emergency costs like this. Thank you Lord.

And because our bills soared quite high for this month, I was hoping to look for ways to earn online. While surfing, I found thisarticle directory very helpful. I learned a lot of stuff from informative and interesting articles alike. What’s even cooler about it is the opportunity to share your own ideas by submitting your own write-up for free. Ain’t that a good chance to develop anybody’s writing skills and share a talent?

Anyway, I think I need to get back to work so I can get out of here. I’ll wrap up my tasks for the day, pack my stuff and leave. Hopefully, dear wagon will be fixed tonight. Good evening everyone!

Fooling around...

at downtown Lexington...


Happy birthday

to my crazy man...
 I U
always forever.

Cincy, take 2!

Flowers never fail to inspire me of my Creator’s marvelous design of the universe.

I have always wished to visit a flower farm somewhere but the closest we found was...

 - just a tulip garden at the Lexington cemetery.

That stimulated my desire to watch the flower festival in Cincinnati to grow stronger. 
Unfortunately, something unexpected came up so hubby was not very supportive of my plans. 
And so the submissive wife that I am agreed that...

- we visit the Cincinnati zoo and botanical garden instead.

No regrets, I was overjoyed with our decision. 
We got wasted watching all sorts of water, land and air creatures 
and exhausted ourselves posing with the tulips at every angle possible.

I love ‘em long necks...

Off to outlet stores, shopping was our finale.

Kim and I- recharged to go shopping after a long day at the zoo...

Quiet Friday

People usually come and leave the office early on Fridays. The knob from work mode is lowered down to relax mode on the last work day of the week. People in the laboratory come and go from every cube transmitting the lazy-to-work-but-excited-over-the-weekend  virus to and from each other.

That’s the normal but today is odd. Nobody’s roaming around the lab. I can hear no giggling or boisterous wildcats’ stories. No, I don’t think everybody is exerting too much focus on work. I really think everybody’s gone to get started with the weekend.

And because it’s just 2:00PM, I’m still here sitting in my desk, pounding my keyboard while enjoying the tranquility of my work place.

Happy Friday everyone!


Last Saturday

..we went for a road trip to Ohio together with some Lexmark Cebu employees who are spending a month or so of training in the company’s Lexington facility. We knew each other for the first time that day, except for Kim who is my ex-officemate in NCR and hubby’s in Infoweapons. Our itinerary was Jeffersonville, Dayton and Cincinatti.

First stop was Prime Outlets in Jeffersonville

Us gurls, fully charged for the day…

Next was the US Air Force Museum…

Smiling but actually worn-out from walking, looking and posing around the 3-building museum 
that preserved the world’s history…

At downtowm Cincinatti 

Supposedly spring but we’re freezing in a cold winter temperature…
Things didn’t go as planned as we miss going to the Cincinatti Asian store but it was still FUN! 

Because it’s Friday…

And it’s already April… and I only have one entry for March… and because somebody I know have been missing my updates… here’s a brief but ample info of what I’ve been up to lately.

2 weeks old tomorrow…

Dear Sammmy HD is. I received my phone Saturday before last and have been messing with it since. We’ve been getting along pretty well. I don’t have any complaints or regrets so far… I simply love it so much for now!

Refurbished to brand new…

To test Sammy’s wi-fi capability, I ordered a refurbished router from Ebay. It turned out to be defective but the 90-day manufacturer warranty was a blessing. We called Linksys and after an hour of customer service chat, the item was processed for a replacement of a brand new one. Instant bargain, we paid a refurbished price for a brand new one.

Online purchases…

This long skirt deserves to be fought for. It perfectly fits me- from the waist, to the hips and to the length. My workplace is cold so I need a long skirt to keep me warm for 8 hours in the office.

Crocs… I left my rugged shoes in Iowa when we went there for Thanksgiving last November. That’s just the careless me, nothing unusual. Now, since I take a 15-minute roundtrip walk to my desk everyday, I think I at least need decent walking shoes. If that still isn’t reason enough, well…it's on sale and I got it for free shipping.

I know I’ve mentioned unnecessary spending for the nth time in this blog…What to do?! I am a mere human, too weak to resist temptation… Teheee…

Ebay Madness

This is an overdue tale of my folly over Ebay. My objective to simply hunt for an affordable unlocked handset resulted to frequent bids. The novice bidder in me yearned to win for every item I lusted for. I tendered for unnecessary items that gratified my carnal self without really being able to hit my supposed target.  It left me mixed emotions - guilty over unnecessary spending but somewhat happy.

My so-called acquisitions...

I obviously did not achieve my goal. No cellphone was purchased...

Snowy Valentine's Night

Tired and freezing with my Valentine 
after our dinner date
at Panda Cuisine- an authentic Chinese resto


My laziness stood obstinate over the weekend which did not change a bit up to now. Scrap booking and sewing were both suspended as I kept myself busy over Ebay.

It all started with my precious phone going dead for almost a month. I postponed my mourning after failing on my countless attempts to charge it. Thinking it was just the battery, I placed an order for another one on Amazon. A little hope wailed from within me as I installed the new battery in and turned the phone on. Lights on the keypad flashed a bit and then it went dead again. One more time, I turned it on and another time, the same thing happened. I grabbed the charger hoping it would somehow help. It started charging but stopped in a blink of an eye. Still hoping it was just some loose connection, I positioned the phone quite fixed firmly. It worked, but only for a second. I sat down upset but still not wanting to give up. Hubby tried his own techniques and when he gave up, I too, finally lost hope. 

I swore this would be my last cell phone as soon as I got hold of it. It’s a fairly good phone for me and it has served me well for the last 2 years. And even if I had wished for it to have a FM radio, I love my phone just the same. Unfortunately, time has come for it to bid goodbye. I have to accept the fact that this phone is indeed dead and there’s no way to revive it. 

And so I started dealing with my loss. Google became my best buddy as I searched and researched for a cell phone that would fill in the void left by my beloved motorazr. At first I was torn between going postpaid and sticking to prepaid. But since I can’t consume a $15 card a month, I picked the latter. With the list of features I want in a phone, I finally found what I wanted. But just when I decided to purchase my dream phone, something else came up. And because I tend to try everything and anything to save some bucks, I am willing to delay my purchase for a couple more days and maybe weeks. What’s ironic though is I have already ordered a leather case for it, which hopefully will be delivered just in time when my dream becomes a reality.

I am continuously lurking on Ebay with high hopes that my dream phone won’t be gone too soon. Not only has this caused my productivity at stake but it led me to temptation after temptation to bid for. Talk about unnecessary expenses now but I am all excited for my items to be delivered soon.

Random Updates


Yes, I am after finally allowing myself to plunge into a much needed rest on Saturday before last weekend. I seriously wanted to get well very soon so I religiously took my medicines and refrained from going out into the cold except when I need to. I munched orange slices and gulp down apple juice as much as I can, not only to soothe my congested throat but also trusting my acquired Vitamin C from them would be beneficial. My initiative was surely helpful but I believe prayers were most effective. I missed church for two weeks but was told that I was remembered in prayers for which I am very much appreciative of.


Ah… yes. I am also back to my normal routine. I come to the office between 8-8:30 AM this week and park the car at the back of the building. This way I can do a 10-minute walk to my office desk which totals to 20 minutes a day. I think I am gaining weight although my clothes are not getting tight. Whether this is just paranoia in me or not, I really don’t think one has to gain weight to exercise. Besides, I love walking. I can think, dream, imagine, contemplate or even pray while doing it.


Last week has been. I was given an individual task for the first time in my almost 2 years here. Although a bit nervous, I was able to deliver their request and survived the said week with grace. And I again I say, thank you Jesus!


I have been hoping forever to get some stuff done. Well… at last, I got started with my scrapbook. I did a page of it and realized that it’s an expensive hobby. Although that didn’t change my mind, I have resolved to stick to my penny-pinching techniques to minimize cost for this project. As for sewing, I have already enjoyed my resized sweaters and blouses. I must confess though, I was not very happy with the 1st batch. I blame the material being stretchy and thick to which I am giving myself an NI (needs improvement). Nevertheless, I was pleased looking at myself in the mirror wearing some of those in 2nd batch. I guess I learned from my mistakes with the previous or maybe because the material is simpler to work with. Anyhow, I am planning to start working with the skirts as soon as I can so wish me luck.

That should be all for now 'til my next boring entry.

Celebrating 3 years...

I got sick from our most recent Gatlinburg escapade and this cold weather is making it worst for me. This, however, did not hinder me from striving to hit my 7AM time in to the office, not just for the benefit of being able to get off work early but also be able to pick a good parking spot. Nothing makes me happier than walking out of the office and see my precious wagon only a few steps away from the main door.

My head is still congested and I hate this dry cough. Anyhow, I'd like to share pictures of our weekend getaway for our 3rd anniversary even if it's already a week late.

At downtown Pigeon Forge, TN

At Gatlinburg, TN

Dinner at Golden Buffet in Lexington, KY

We sure had a blast! But unfortunately, I don't have the energy to elaborate for now nor make this entry any longer. Til then and wishing everyonea happy weekend. xOXo

Goodbye 2009, hello hello 2010!

The year 2009 has gone by so fast. What started with so much fear in my heart turned out to be a year full of surprises. The Lord has blessed me countless times for which I am very grateful. I am unworthy for the most part but He remained faithful to His promises. Up to now, I remain astounded of how He’s made the impossible so easily possible. What others may see as my achievements, I give Him the glory.

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think,
according to the power that worketh in us, Ephesians 3:20 (King James Version)

As I look back, there are 3 big things that I consider His greatest miracles/ gifts for me in 2009:

- Lay offs in the company was deafening. I have remained grateful for my job but skeptical and anxious for most times. While most veteran employees in the lab lost their jobs, I was ready-ing my resume and myself for job applications to other companies. I’d rather prepare for the worst than expect too much and end up upset. I prayed about it but that did not lessen my worries. A month before my contract ended, my fone rang- a call from my agency. Before I hit the answer button, I prayed, almost crying like a scared child needing someone’s assurance that everything will be alright. The first statement from my manager was positive but I held back my emotions. I have to know the conclusion before I shout for joy. My manager congratulated me for a year extension. I happily exclaimed “Praise the Lord” to which he laughed. I know it meant nothing to him but I meant to praise my Lord for what He’s done and that is something that came from the bottom of my heart

- “This is the last time.” I murmured during my last final exam for my bachelor’s degree. “This is the last time.” I murmured again when I did my special project for my diploma in IT teaching. “This is the last time.” I murmured the same thing when I was preparing for my comprehension exam for a master’s degree. “This is the last time.” I murmured several times on every major exam in my most recent master’s degree. I am finally done with my last distance education course and yes, I am now qualified to apply for graduation. God willing, this is my 4th degree in Computer Science. This is not the thing I’ve always been dreaming of doing but for all the times that I felt like giving up, His wisdom has kept me sane, His strength has kept me going.

- After the university in charge made it clear that I needed to extend my student visa to keep my status legal by 2010, I crazily freaked out! The last thing I wanted to do is to go back to the university and enroll in another course. My only other option is to get a working visa. I have brought up the topic to my manager on the first quarter of 2009 but I was turned down due to many factors including the famous economic crisis. How am I supposed to open up the same topic to him at the beginning of the 4th quarter of the same year? I may as well sound like a broken record and get the same feedback. But I was running out of time and I have to act on it as soon as possible. I swallowed my shyness, pounded my keyboard to compose an email and hit send. My manager called me the next day or so but he can’t just decide. He has to bring up the matter to his superior. Days turned to weeks. After almost a month of follow up and pressing on, I was given a go signal. I thank the Lord for a positive response from my agency but I knew anything can happen with the rigorous processing of a work visa in this country. A 2010 working visa has to officially start October 2009, my papers were submitted on the 1st week of November. While some people doubted my chances, I too, was pessimistic. The only thing I was certain of was the Lord’s power, provision and purpose. I prayed that my visa be approved but was willing to surrender to His will. It normally takes 3-6 months, probably the longest time of waiting in my life. But beyond human comprehension, God works wonders. I received an email from the university in charge congratulating me of the visa approval followed by an attachment of the approval notice from my employer. Has it been that long? I asked my self in disbelief. It only took 1 month to procure my work visa. God is so good, I can't complain at all.

All in all, 2009 has been a great year and it would take me forever to enumerate what the Lord has done for me and my family to prove that. The world has always been unstable for me. But I am secure in the Lord. I do not know what 2010 holds for me and my family. But I am ready to face it with a bang by God’s grace. He’s held me through it all and I continue to cling on Him as this year unfolds. Happy 2010 to all, may we continue to be strong in the Lord and rejoice in His goodnessJ