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Best gift

I always find it hard to buy gifts for men, whether it is for hubby, my father, my brother or a guy friend. Unlike women recipients, we can choose from a wide variety of choices to give them. What makes it even easier for me, is the fact that we come from the same planet Venus. I know exactly, or should I say, I am sensitive enough to know what a woman really wants.

It’s almost mother’s day. I am planning to send a special something to my mom. What it is will remain a secret for now and still a plan. Then as time flies so fast, it will be father’s day before we know it. I usually end up with men’s polo or an ordinary shirt for my dad- something light with a pocket will be enough to make his day. But what I have in mind this time is something different, something more special, something I think is the best gift I can ever give him.

And with best, I mean Best of Time - Where Time Lasts Forever! Alrighty, to be fair, I might as well get my mom one of those elegant Rolex watches at a very reasonable price. They both deserve to get the best gift anyway.Yeah, the best gift for the best mom and dad in the whole world!

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