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Officially Fall

Today is unbelievably the first day of fall. 
I am supposed to be excited with the pretty foliage of the season.

Okay, let’s just say I am… 
but really, 
the bitter cold in this part of the country, 
at this time of the year, 
makes me fickle-minded about it all.

Thank goodness for the abundance of coffee 
and tea in the break room downstairs 
that welcomes me 
with a delish aroma 
as soon as I enter the office vicinity.
Every time.

A mug of lemon-ginger tea 
pepped up with a drop of honey 
livens up my sleepy brain cells 
in the morning 
all throughout my 8-hours 
in the office.

Too much energy, 
I must say, 
that I got too captivated with my tasks 
sometime this week. 
Time went by unnoticed…

I quickly disengaged myself 
with whatever I was doing 
as soon as I realized
it was almost 2 hours 
past time to go.

It was not surprising 
to find my car 
(and only handful others) 
in the parking lot.

How about today being Friday? 
That makes life a lot better 
totally sweet.

How about some grapes,
as we welcome the weekend? 

Have a wonderful weekend y'all!

him busy...


and riding...
his new toy.

Bittersweet Sunday

Remembering 9-11 of 2001 undeniably stirred pain in my heart. 
Why can some people be so heartless to commit such atrocity? 
Have they, 
by any chance, 
been bothered by their conscience, 
at all?

Church service went on as usual yesterday except for a few video tributes to 9-11. 
My tears were uncontrollable while watching them.

I just hope that everybody else including the visitors were at least teary-eyed-
to keep the cry baby in me some company...

On a happy note, yesterday was Grandparents’ Sunday.

Kids sang for a special tribute to their papaws and mamaws.

And although it is not the time of the month yet,
we had our church potluck yesterday.

I brought this fab very easy-to-make pickle wraps…

This recipe is from a friend, Crystal, at Life Church in Ottumwa:
baby dill pickles
cream cheese
thin slices of ham

Drain pickles then pat dry.
Spread softened cream cheese on a slice of ham.
Wrap pickles with ham and cheese on step 2.
Cut into half an inch.
Optional: Insert a toothpick on each piece for ease of picking.

Dress MODESTYfied!

While laziness has not struck me yet, 
I’ll grab the chance to share another outcome of my incoherent attempts in sewing…

This dress came out a bit short at first….

with my not-so-little siblings- Nica and Junjun
This picture was taken after our church service in Danao City, Philippines
- a few days after Papang's cremation.

You'll see it hit right to my knees but gets waay above when I sit down.  
Now, that wasn’t very comfy for me.
SO I decided to modestyfy it by  adding the pretty light purple silk extension
that even sitting on a rock can be easy.

 posing with Nin right after church service...

Sewing 101

I have thought about doing some sewing tutorials here at one point. 
But after realizing what a messy trying-hard-seamstress I am, 
I resolved to just show pictures of my so-called finished products.

I must say I am fairly new to sewing. 
In fact, I got my refurbished sewing machine not too long ago. 
I first got myself hooked into this due to my frustration in finding a dress of my size. 
I thought...
 if I’d sew my own dress, 
I can not only choose my own style 
but most importantly 
procure the perfect size that will surely give me comfort.

This was the first dress I experimentally sew...


bravely wore to my MS graduation ceremony.

I was surprised and say, flattered with my friends’ reactions. 
Those very sweet and kind compliments inspired me!

And so I thought I can make another outfit with the same bolero I used for my graduation dress.
I decided to make a blue pencil dress to add a twist to the previous.

I can’t give an excellent grade to any of them but I still must say that 
nothing beats the satisfaction and pride felt from wearing something you made.

I won't promise.
I'll TRY my very best to post more of my projects.

4-day work week..

..went by really fast.

picture courtesy of

I thrive better when Tuesday is the first work day of the week. 
I had accomplished more than I would normally have with Mondays.

Wednesday came dragging but 
the scheduled mid-week service somehow revived this sleepy head.

Thursday was quick when only half of the day was spent with work 
and another half with a training which is more like play.

Voila, it’s Friday! 
So, here I am pretending to be busy 
and hoping the day goes by quick…

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Labor Day..

..has gone by again. And being the unofficial end of summer brings me a bittersweet feeling. Fall is around the corner again. Sweet. But with winter right behind it? Yeah, snow is wonderful but the cold? Uhuh!

Anyhow, just popping to share a few pictures over the weekend.

1. Celebrated Ate Delia's 52nd birthday

2. Got to hold precious Mckaia

3. Had another great Sunday with
wonderful people of God

4. Lastly, drove far and beyond
to nurture my cravings for...

a. ultimate red velvet cake cheesecake

and my most favorite...
b. white chocolate caramel macadamia nut cheesecake

60- something

That would have been your earthly age! 
But there's joy unspeakable in knowing 
that you are celebrating 
a happier birthday 
up there...

I love and miss you Pang.