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DIY: Lace Pencil Skirt

After too much time spent on surf shopping
(yes, my very own term for online window shopping ,lol),
it was beyond relief to have
stumbled onto this cream lace pencil skirt.
I knew, however, that more than I needed, I wanted a black one too!
Thankfully, my frugal mode got partially activated
that hindered me from adding the black option to the shopping cart.
But the itch was annoying enough,
compelling me to find means to get what I want.  
Then the search for sewing patterns and DIY tutorials began.
I finally found this tutorial and this. Both are very easy to follow.
 The only change I added was to use my favorite pencil skirt for a blueprint
rather than taking my measurements.
I love the outcome as it catered to my desired fit and comfort.

Why, hello!

I missed sharing my most recent sewing project 
that I wore last Sunday.
Got caught up with pingpong after church 
so ended up too worn out
to post anything here.
Not today! I got a brand new energy.
Probably because of the antihistamine I took yesterday
to relieve me from pollen allergies.
Anyways..I have two things to share here..
One. The apple cheesecake bars 
I found on Pinterest (recipe here).
 It was so easy to make.
 Lookie, how yummy!
Two. I got to wear my very first purchase from Modcloth.
Maybe my last chance to wear short sleeves 
before summer officially ends.
Notice the lace-y sleeve under the dress sleeve?
I knew I have to make some alterations on the sleeves
and maybe the bust area (as well?)..
In the meantime, I decided to wear a lace tee underneath
to hide what needs to be hidden
because I can't wait!
The color is very pretty, I just can't resist!
Got my dress on sale!
They have some good classy items
that are modest and some that can be modesty-fied.
They add new items everyday
so I diligently watch for them everyday too.
So if you haven't, try Modcloth.
Happy back-to-work day tomorrow!

Sharing a Recipe & a DIY

Today we had a potluck at church and 
I brought this delectable red velvet cheesecake bites.
Of course, I'm sharing the recipe! 
I found it on Pinterest that brought me here.
So easy yet so yummy.
Also wanted to share this practical DIY laundry detergent
that is a lot cheaper than the commercial detergent 
and fabric softener selections found at any store racks.
I love how our clothes smell and 
I am confident it cleans very well.
That's it for now!
Too lazy to post my latest sewing project.
Y'all have a good labor day holiday.

Maxi Dress in 5 Ways

Wore this lovely dress to church today
with the purple top (outfit 1) in the picture
and got some very sweet compliments.
I love it to pieces
but with fall expected to come early this year, 
I want to keep it suitable 
when the weather starts to cool down.
So here goes the 5 ways..
The last 4 are a very typical for my office wear.

Hope you all had a blessed weekend! :)

DIY: Bow Top

I have been drooling over bow tops since the beginning of this year.
But I deferred to shop for one online.
I've given up, knowing too well, I'll end up with something too big on me.
Thankfully, thrift stores exist!
I found this top at the junior's rack and fell in love with the chiffon and its gold accents.
I was skeptical it looks big but thought, I could always alter it.
Now look, it is well worth it!
Paired with this pretty lace skirt..
And accented with nude patent pumps and my LVoely manhattan purse.
Here I am..
Grateful for my recovery from almost a week's torture of tummy discomfort.
Hope you all had a great weekend!

My 20cents Top

I wish I have some DIY tutorial to share today.
However, it was such a gloomy day 
that called the couch potato in me to play its wonderful role.
 But really, I just want to show off my thrifted top!
Soo comfy and perfect for the wet weather today.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

DIY: Dress Into A Blouse

I ordered this dress from Ebay. 
Although it was advertised with pretty pictures, 
I was disappointed when I tried it on.
It was too big on me and too short for my liking.
Returns and exchanges cannot be an option
since I'll have to pay for the shipping.
So my solution was to alter the dress to my size
and make it a suitable blouse.
1. I removed the side zipper of the dress.
2.  Sew the white lines (see first picture above) on the sides of the dress.
3. Cut the dress short through horizontal white line (see first picture above) and hem.
First, it felt like I may have chopped the dress way too short for my blouse.
Thankfully, I'm a shorty myself so it's no biggy.
Matching blue and yellow makes a totally pretty outfit. Don't you think?
 But until people from church pointed it out, I did not realize, 
I was actually wearing a Snow White outfit. 

PFC (Petite Fashion Challenge) #17: Candy Colorized

SewPetiteGal is hosting this months's PFC entitled Candy Colorized

So, first of... I'm glad to be reunited with my LVoely Alma, my first ever fab baby!

Now here's my outfit...
Sunnies: Rayban
Top and Dress: Kohls
Sandals: Rue 21
Purse: LV Alma
This is my first so am a bit shy but gotta try it. :)

We hardly ever stay put on Saturdays.

And when we do, it makes me all agitated to get as much items, as I can, crashed out on my invisible to-do list.

Other than cleaning and decluttering, last Saturday was intended for…

The last two pots are cucumbers.  And the other three?  Yes, sweet potato vines. What’s considered a decorative plant here is a common food in the Philippines. Those pretty leaves are as edible as the roots. OKaayyy, remember that we live in an apartment. So that’s the best we can do for gardening. Hubby is as negative as some of you maybe. They’re all vines which mean they need to be planted on a bigger space like a real garden and not pots.  Oh well, we’ll deal with it as they grow bigger. For now, I’m just happy they have survived 4 days in pots.

Last Sunday,I brought this baked leche flan
and again, pickle wraps
for our potluck at church to celebrate the Kappmeyers’ 40th wedding anniversary.
That's how our weekend went. Hope y'all had a great one, too.

Random Notes to Self...

What was most awaited came very unexpectedly after years and years of anxious waiting. The agony was finally put to halt when schedules were set. I am very rarely an optimist but rumors had it all. I was over-confident, this is it.  In my mind, I painted a vivid picture of better days ahead. And although I worried some, I have a definite plan of action carefully crafted to pronounce triumph.

Like how the previous caught me by surprise, the outcome of it all was far more overwhelming. A very probable impediment interrupted the whole process. It took a while to sink in but when it did, it tore my sketch of reverie apart. Dreams and plans- shattered into pieces. I tried to concoct my own formula for answers. The more I tried, the more desperate I had become.

So, where was He in all these?  I knew He was right in the midst of it all. Perhaps, watching my every move but I chose to ignore and hold Him liable for this sudden turn of events.  

Give thanks in all circumstances  (1Thessalonians 5:18). If only it turned to what I thought was the right way (aka my way), it would have been easier to be grateful. Or if, at least, the reasons for such were spelled out clearly, I would have understood. So give thanks for what now? An amazing husband, wonderful families, great friends, good health and   a beneficial job are blessings that can outdo all the disappointment. I am blessed beyond measure despite this instance of a downer.

Trust in the Lord (Proverbs 3:5). I have trusted Him in all these. In fact, this is the very same reason I vied for a positive outcome even when hubby remained skeptic about it.  In the end, I can’t help but feel deceived by the trust I openly imparted. But if I really trust or trusted Him, why would I be so upset now?  Trust means faith. Faith is not only confidence in the things hope for but also the conviction of things not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

His ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts than my thoughts  (Isaiah 55:9).  What took Him so long? Then what changed His mind so abruptly? I really, honestly, don’t know. I’m just pretty sure that what my tiny brain can barely comprehend is nothing compared to the detailed blueprint He’s already laid out for my life. He sees a much bigger picture no matter how brilliant my imagination can get.

All things work together for good (Romans 8:28).  It’s all gloomy today but I know and believe in my heart, everything will make perfect sense in His own beautiful time. 

Hello June!

I am BACK! *grin*
Yes, I’m still alive. Just been hibernating from the blog world. 
Because I’ve been lazy again. 
Because I was sick on and off. 
Because of the sudden/unpredictable weather change 
that can happen within 8 hours. 
Oh, how fun!  *sigh*
I can’t remember all of it but I’ll post pictures to tell the story of May.
Too bad, that we missed the chance for this year’s spring pictures.
When I say spring pictures- I mean flowers, specifically tulips in the pictures. 

Oh well, I'll take the perfect weather in the pictures above than nada . :)
We achieved our 11th year of dating. *wink*
We bonded with the Howards for the long weekend. 
Unfortunately,  this is the only decent picture we have- only with the very sweet Gina.

That’s pretty much it.
Some days, I've been learning pingpong.
Most days…  I’ve been sneezing like maniac!

BLUE Birthday Surprise!

Our plans for the weekend were put off 
due to some virus that, unfortunately, caught Nell. 

Although sick, 
he's definitely ecstatic 
to show he bleeds blue for his birthday!

Since he's recovering,
we went on with our usual Saturday routine
and decided to lunch out at our new-found eatery.

 Still Chinese… 
Of course!
But  a variant of Japanese made it more appealing.

all these qualities God has given me 
and that is why I gift myself to you 
on this occasion of your birthday. "

Happy birthday, Nin!
Love youJ

Oh yeah, my first entry to link up with Jessisca 
at Lovely Little Things...
Lovely Little Things
Make sure to pay her a visit!

Easter 2012

I got up the earliest I can and
quickly put my hair up
with a do I've never tried before.

Then pulled in those fab purples
to complete my outfit.
It's the time of the year again!
When everybody at church gets excited 
to wake up earlier than usual on Sunday mornings...
Our Easter Service, otherwise known
as the "Sunrise Service" started at 8AM. 
Besides the most awaited br-unch,
I was very blessed with the fellowship,
and the message preached.
But most of all,
we celebrate Easter 
to remember
the significance of the Cross and 
the triumph of the Resurrection. :)

OUT and about..

This blog was poorly abandoned due to the 
following consecutive fun-filled-out-of-our-small-town trips. 
So here it goes…

One. EMPACT at Des Moines
We are so blessed to be given the chance to attend this 2-day lecture on different topics. My favorite of all was “Straight Talk to Women:  Fireplaces and Cheating on Your Husband” by Sister Nancy Bolinger. You can read her notes here.
That aside, I also documented some neat 10-minute hairdo how-to’s 
demonstrated by some lovely saints in between lectures.
 The videos was then compiled into a DVD by the amazing hubby 
and copies were sold at the Ladies Conference 
as a fundraiser for Mother's Memorial.
Of course, the Fuenteses did not let loose of the chance 
to take a picture of Iowa’s state capitol
and its golden dome as the background.

Two. CHICAGO, take 2!
Revisiting the windy city was equally amusing 
but not as tiring as the previous.

Reunited with JP
Meeting new good friends
fun. Fun. FUN!

'Til we meet again, guys. :)

Three. Ladies Conference
Like last year, this means a day of shopping and food. 
Sadly, I don’t have pictures of such because 
my camera weighs as much as I do so I pretty much left it in the car.
Anyways, the conference went wonderfully 
with such a witty speaker, Sister Cindy Miller.  
The message that hit me was to “let God be God.” 
I do not always understand certain occurrences in my life, 
rest assured, His ways are always higher than mine.
Then.. as one of the official photographers,
 I was deprived from being in the pictures except this one.
Lastly, I received this delightful message
from Sister George, IA Ladies' President.
Truly blessed to be able to help.

Yay, it's Friday! :)

Once again.. linking up with Angela at PoodlePoddles ,
Lauren at From My Grey Desk.
and with "Mommy" at Pink Thoughts

 Our 5-year MEMENTO... His is an Archos while mine is the Galaxy tab...
And while he plays the guy game, I try to entertain myself with a word game...


Right at first glance, I knew this is meant for me!

 I love my faux fur coat! I was debating to myself on whether to return it or not until I wore it for the first time last Sunday. It was bought a month ago at 50% discount but I was skeptical especially because this is size small from the KIDS’ section. Thankfully, I was giving myself a grace period to think it over. Hopefully, the fickle-minded in me remains lifeless so I can keep this fab piece in my wardrobe. And oh by the way, the building I’m heading to is our church here.

Filipino goodies from the Asian store.. I tend to skip breakfast
and sometimes lunch when I get too work-absorbed in the office.
Dried mangoes, coconut cookies and puto seko biscuits do their best
to gratify my boisterous neglected tummy.

My favorite shot at the Kite Festival.

Here's to wishing everyone another blessed weekend!