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I am going over my notes for the exam tomorrow... I need to. I have to.

Just Looking Forward...

My midterm exam is scheduled on Saturday. That is the 28th of this month. I checked that day's weather to plan ahead for the rest of the days escapades. Hubby and I haven't been out on Saturdays since our anniversary last month. I was thinking that maybe we could spend the rest of the day somewhere for me to unwind after the exam and for us to have loads of fun taking pictures wherever the day leads us on.

Although the weather has been cold the past few days, my heart leaps to the thought of spring sitting just around the corner. I remember hubby mumbling that there's no hope for more snow since February will get warmer through March, so I also took a quick peek on the rest of the month's weather forecast. I was surprised, realizing that this coming Saturday is not just the last Saturday but definitely the last day of the month! Indeed, it's just inexplicable how time flies away so fast.

Speaking of time... I'd better be done for the day!

yummy strawberries

taken before it turned chocolatey as posted previous entry

My Chocolatey Valentine

homemade chocolateY strawberry

my valentine

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!