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Random 7

  1. APOLOGIES!!! I have been really lazy, too bland to blog something.

  1. My heart’s still in the process of recuperating from our family’s loss. I miss Papang everyday… And when weeping ain’t good enough, I resolve my grief to good memories. That’s all I have of him.

  1. I wish some people are sensitive enough to know or realize that I am still hurting. And the least I could take is to hear them complain about life…

  1. Things happen... Life changes… Constant reminder to self: God remains all the same- a great good God! And for that, I remain grateful.

  1. I love fall and everything that comes with it- cooler days and nights, comforters, boots, turtlenecks and the lovely foliage of the season.

  1. I am enjoying our frequent trips to thrift shops these days. I find pleasure in getting great stuff for less.

  1. Thank God it’s Friday. J