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Midterm exam, scheduled.

I received an email informing me of the schedule of my current DE course’s midterm exam. How time flies so fast…I just took my make up exam from the previous course and now midterm exam for the new course is scheduled.

It took me forever to find a testing center, a college or a university, or even a library that will proctor my exam on a Saturday. The university got in touch with one testing center that will be able to do it but is 2hours away from here. They have Offices around Kentucky except for Lexington. They said that they will have Offices in different parts of Lexington very soon. Well, I really hope they will find office spaces soon since none of all the institutions that I have contacted is willing to proctor my exam on a Saturday which they said they normally do.

Lucky for me, I came across Executrain online. They actually proctor online exams and they never did one on a written exam like mine. So this is the testing center that proctored all my exams since I started my DE. They agreed to proctor my exam once again and I am truly grateful for this. They never gave me hard time from the very start except for that one instance when the proctor did not show up on my final exam schedule last term. Even so, I still cannot complain especially because the manager/owner has been very kind to allow me to take my exams free of charge. How fortunate of me…

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