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Catching Up

Christmas 2010 was our first without Papang. Rather cheerful, it became a lonely season for our family. While battling with the sting of loss, I came across the poem below that somehow brought comfort to my apprehensive self, thus I shared it with the rest of the family.

I especially love the last three lines:
"...don't shed a tear
Cause I'm spending my 
Christmas with Jesus this year."

On a lighter note, Nell and I engaged ourselves in crafting our very own snowman
to the best that we can
from Christmas eve to Christmas day.

The by-product of our efforts and perseverance 
in the cold 
is almost as tall as I am!

New Year ’s Eve service was cancelled. I was all excited to have fellowship with our new little church family. However, Mother Nature wasn’t very cooperative with our Pastor’s plan. She made us stay in the apartment and sleep early instead.

Happy 4 years to us! I am grateful for a great lover and a best friend I found in my husband. 

Cheers to N more years of marriage & friendship!

Work has been pretty busy leaving me not much energy for blogging, facebooking , ebaying, sewing , cooking, baking and all others I consider therapy for homesickness, sadness and the like... I am loving it though. I’ve never been this enthusiastic with work so hopefully this feeling will stay for long if not forever.

I think my so-called LVoely purses accumulation is 
just too much for 2010...

 considering I got all three in the span of just 4months. 
It bugs my conscience, I promise you… but here I am again hunting for the next one. 
Hopefully I don’t get too lucky this time.

I am so ready for spring to be here! I can’t wait to wear light clothing and flaunt my fitflops at the same time. And yeah, so looking forward to stroll by the lake…