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For your eyes only

Could it be insomnia or plain destructive worries? Either of them used to keep me awake all night long. I’d cry from dusk to dawn regardless of the perceived outcome- terrible dark circles and puffy eye bags under these already-haggard eyes. To make this dilemma worst, I have to bear with the consequence for days since I cannot find an instant remedy to restore the normal look for my eyes. This is just one way of how I tend to abuse my eyes a lot. I really wish I could take care of them better.

Coming across best eye cream reviews seemed to have lighten up my mind. It provides reviews on different eye cream products given by experienced customers. This gives me an idea that can, not only treat dark circles and bags, but also help improve the look of eye area including the reduction of wrinkles.

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Memo from God

From: GOD
Reference: LIFE

This is God. Today I will be handling All of your problems for you. I do Not need your help. So, have a nice day.
I love you..

P.S. And, remember...
If life happens to deliver a situation to you that you cannot handle, do Not attempt to resolve it yourself! Kindly put it in the SFGTD (something for God to do) box. I will get to it in MY TIME. All situations will be resolved, but in My time, not yours.

Once the matter is placed into the box, do not hold onto it by worrying about it. Instead, focus on all the wonderful things that are present in your life now.

Should you decide to send this to a friend; Thank you. You may have touched their life in ways you will never know!

Now, you have a nice day.

God has seen you struggling, God says it's over.



Received this email from Lerrie. I thought it would be nice to share it here.


We came home from church past 9PM last night. I took a hot shower and went to bed. I slept earlier than the past few days and it feels oh so good when I woke up this morning. I hope to get back to my normal/ideal routine of sleeping not later than 10PM and hopefully get up by 6AM. I actually woke up past 6AM this morning but too lazy to get up right away. But it was not too bad since I managed to get up before the clock strike 7AM. I know I need to work more on this as I have many plans on how to spend my early morning hours.

It’s Friday again and nothing makes me happier with my work than Fridays. Nothing in my work really, it’s just that feeling of finally getting over the week’s tasks. Well, who’s not happy with Fridays? No plans for the weekend. Maybe not yet, just hoping to watch at least one video-taped lesson of my current DE course since midterm is fast-approaching again.

Lastly, I stole this picture from Google again and thought to share it here.

Ain't nobody like HIM...

Midterm exam, scheduled.

I received an email informing me of the schedule of my current DE course’s midterm exam. How time flies so fast…I just took my make up exam from the previous course and now midterm exam for the new course is scheduled.

It took me forever to find a testing center, a college or a university, or even a library that will proctor my exam on a Saturday. The university got in touch with one testing center that will be able to do it but is 2hours away from here. They have Offices around Kentucky except for Lexington. They said that they will have Offices in different parts of Lexington very soon. Well, I really hope they will find office spaces soon since none of all the institutions that I have contacted is willing to proctor my exam on a Saturday which they said they normally do.

Lucky for me, I came across Executrain online. They actually proctor online exams and they never did one on a written exam like mine. So this is the testing center that proctored all my exams since I started my DE. They agreed to proctor my exam once again and I am truly grateful for this. They never gave me hard time from the very start except for that one instance when the proctor did not show up on my final exam schedule last term. Even so, I still cannot complain especially because the manager/owner has been very kind to allow me to take my exams free of charge. How fortunate of me…

I fell asleep

Yes I did, on my desk this afternoon while hoping for the clock to move fast-forward. I unknowingly gave in to my tired eyes wanting to shut down. The next thing I knew was my head dropping off my left hand that stood as its pillar.

Had somebody seen me? I have no idea. I just wish no one did or if some one did, I hope they didn’t notice me dozing off, since visual studio was maximized on my monitor screen and my right hand was holding the mouse. Looks to me like I was going through this C++ code, either confused or bored.

Oh no, it’s been nights that I lie awake for hours before I can finally sleep.

I should get back to my healthy habits before this gets worst.

Long weekend

Before it’s too late, I want to share our adventure last Saturday. I, hubby with Laxman and George went to Salato Wildlife Center. The weather was good so we enjoyed watching both inside and outside exhibits- some of my favorite pictures below to tell more.

From there, we strolled around the vicinity of KY capitol and the governor’s mansion.

It was getting hot so we decided to head home after that. We went to church on Sunday and stayed home on a rainy Monday.

I’m sorry days have been so quiet lately. I really have nothing to tell when it should have been a merry and dandy long weekend. I didn’t mean to snuggle down; it’s just that I’m plainly lethargic these days. But I promise I’m better or I choose to be and I want to be. Either way, I can’t get stuck into this apathy. I’m getting out regardless so help me God.

My mini palm ponytail

in 4-inch red pot

an anniversary memento from my 8th year boyfriend...

Driving and more...

Hubby called and exclaimed, “Praise the Lord!” I looked at the time and it was just 10 minutes past his road test schedule. Before I can react, he happily informed me that he passed the test. Congratulations to hubby for finally getting his KY driver’s license. Now, I also ought to recognize some good things about my driving… Be assured that hubby confirms all these and I am not just giving credit to my good self.

Since I am now driving most of the time, I noticed quite a good amount of improvement with myself. I don’t panic as much as I used to; I now remember to signal whenever I need to; I can now control the brakes better; and I already know how to drive on a reverse direction. What I still need to work on though is my tendency to stop whenever I need to turn left or right in an intersection. I am learning little by little and since practice makes perfect, I know I’m getting close to it- not perfect but at least, close to making it right.

Actually, it’s not just about driving that I am thinking of right now. First, we need our car insurance renewed on the 24th. Next, our car has some dents and scratches when we got it from the second owner. We didn’t pay much attention on them until the other day when Laxman asked about it. He made me think that maybe we can visit some auto shops to have all those repaired and maybe give our ride a brand new look. I heard body shops irvine does an excellent job on auto body repairs that is guaranteed for life and can surely care for the value of your vehicle… Oh well, I and hubby have to get talking about it.

8 years and counting...

At each other’s silliest jokes
At life’s misfortunes
On each other’s victories
Each other’s needs
Over petty matters

You’ll be mad
And so will I
We settled things fast
And at times slow
Then I’d chuckle
Over what happened
So would you
We’ll kiss
We’ll squeeze
Then we’re okay

All these
Eight long years
Here we are
Still us
Maybe stronger
Definitely crazier
For the next
Eight years
And more
Happy Anniversary
My Boyfriend of 8 long years!

How can I hold my peace?

When He's done so much for me?!

In my desperate desire of inserting a picture of the McGruders here, I obviously stole the video above from Youtube…

This maybe too late for a weekend post but I still would like to let you all know how blessed I feel to have them in our service last Sunday. They are such an awesome couple that is truly anointed to carry out the Lord’s mighty works and touch each and every one of us, that enthusiastically listened to Sister Priscilla’s testimony and Brother Caroll’s song and preaching. As some may know, Sister Priscilla is battling with cancer but you can never tell when you see her. Her aura is full of life, hope and faith in the Lord’s healing and promises. Brother Caroll is a great preacher with a great sense of humor that you can hardly pay attention to anything else… I honestly regret not being able to attend the Ladies Conference where this distinguished couple spoke. There’s always a next time and I look forward to their next visit here.


is almost here again.

What a great time for outdoors, don't you think?

I and hubby love outdoors..It's just a great way of relaxing by getting away from the daily hustle-bustle fo the city. We enjoy the beauty of nature, taking pictures or just spending quality time together....Can't wait:)

Think about the adventures or the many things you are so passionate about for the season. To be provided with more information about them would be great. Relevant hot links to explore and inviting photos would surely make it easier to decide to which passion to get involved with and perhaps, when to set the schedule for the next one. All these become even better when Google search, quick link to your favorite sites and custom news feeds are all accessible in one page. Now add to all the excitement, the joy of being able to interact with people of the same interest and learn from their experiences and also being able to share your own experiences in forums or discussion boards.

Learn more about Startlike and enjoy the 90 second video tutorial for a quick and fun overview to understand more on what I am talking about here. You’ll love it and surely won’t waste your time with the gnomes on the video. As a bonus, you’ll have the chance to win a Gnome and a $100 by posting an update and following Startlike on Facebook and/or Twitter. Enjoy!

God is...

still God.

My circumstances may change


He never does and never will.

Hectic weekend

I am too weak to narrate every detail of it but let me try…


I was supposed to wake up early and review for my make up exam but I did not. We were at the test center almost 9AM (I believe) and unexpectedly the proctor was already there. Maybe, he’s trying to make up for his absence (thus, for making me wait for nothing) last time. Anyway, I finally took the exam and being able to get over with the agony of thinking about it was all that mattered to me.

We went to the Catholic Action Center where we feed homeless people together with some other members of the church every first Sunday of the month. The time announced was earlier than the previous times we were there so we thought there must be something more than just the feeding activity. We usually start of with the preaching of the word but even so, 5hours is still too long. When we got there, there was a group of performers singing Christian songs, which was hosted by another church. Some were in to praise and worship and some were plainly waiting for the food to be served. We had everything set up at around 5PM, a prayer was said and food was served at last. Although a bigger number of people showed up this time, the food was nevertheless more than enough.

We hurried home at quarter to 7PM, changed our clothes and drove off to Kathy’s graduation dinner. We were a bit late but were warmly welcomed. It was our first time at Siam Thai restaurant and we were satisfied with our orders. Hubby got red curry seafood and mine was stir-fried veggies sea food, both were served with rice. We got Thai iced tea and it was the best of all! Again, congratulations Kathy and we are glad to be a part of your victory and celebration.


I got up at 10AM for the first time in our new apartment. Since computer back home is dead for some reason, I didn’t have to get up early to chat with my sister.

Sister Renee and family

We went to church in the afternoon and were invited to join Sister Renee’s mother-in-law and family dinner. We have always always refused her invitations for some other appointments and we’re relieved to be eventually free and be able to accept her invitation yesterday. We truly had a great time!

Pictures above are stolen! I regret not being able to take pictures of what we have been up to over the weekend. I really wished I had but I am not bold enough to ask people to pose for my shots so my most precious camera stood hidden all the while.

Happy Mother's Day

To our beloved mamang

No words can be put together
to let you know
how grateful we are
for all that you've done,
and all that you've been
to keep our family together...
We love you much
thank you
for being the greatest mamang
we could ever have.

And to all mothers out there
Happy Mother's day.

Happy Birthday Nay!

She’s not my maternal mom and her name is not “Nay.”

Nanay is how some or most if not all Filipinos call their mom. I first met her in October 2007 when she, being the closest to the university, was requested by Pastor Jay to pick me up for church one Sunday. I found it awkward to call her by name since we usually address some name that depicts respect to our elders back in the Philippines. So upon driving me home that day, I asked if I could call her “Nay” and she sweetly consented.

Nanay Linda and Bitsy, the spoiled brat

I call her Nay from thereon and she, not only became a good friend, but acted as my adopted mom too. I lived with her after my 6-month on-campus course and I enjoyed every bit of each moment we spent together. She taught me a lot of things about America and I am grateful for everything that she’s been and is to me.

Happy birthday Nay! I pray that the Lord will bless you more and more and will keep you warm in His loving arms. I love you and thanks for everything…

Charged twice

My debit card was. We dropped by thorntons to get some gas last Monday afternoon. The express terminal showed error so hubby hurried to inform the store cashier about it. The cashier swiped the card again assuring him it was not charged the first time he did it outside.

I received a notification from the bank yesterday including two pending transactions of the same date, on the same gas station and of the same amount. Our complaint to the gas station was welcomed by a staff who called her manager who in turn, just gave us a 1-800 number for the reason that they cannot do anything about it. Because I’ve been good and striving to get better, I just thanked them and walk out of the store. It was past the customer service office hours so all I got was an answering machine’s response.

I called again this morning and still got the same answer so I left a message. Before I can finally complain irately to the gas station manager, their customer service returned my call, insisting that they only received one payment and that I have to contact my bank for the other expense.

I patiently did as told and my bank’s customer service representative advised that I personally go to my branch to fill up and sign a complaint form. I’d rather comply than pay for something that I did not have any benefit of.

Bad and good news

The bad news is there’s no way of getting my driver’s license before the car’s insurance renewal deadline. This means we have to pay extra bucks than what we would have if hubby and I got the license just in time for the renewal of the insurance.

The good news is after three successive attempts to submit the necessary documents to the county clerk’s office at the non-US citizens section, hubby is now good to go to take his road test for his KY license, while I, having my permit, am now able to drive for as long as hubby or anyone with a license is with me. I found them to be meticulous here with non-US applicants for acquiring a license or permit than it was in Iowa, maybe because Lexington is a bigger city than Fairfield.

Anyway, I am driving to and from work now and am learning, learning, learning patience over hubby. Oh! I meant him, learning and improving the virtue of patience over me.

This afternoon's joy...

IS made possible with

a coconut macaroon crunch ice cream

and a real indoor plant
to accompany my little fortune bamboo

courtesy of Kathy's lovely kitchen vine...

Little bitty red



sitting pretty...

Taco Salad

Is what I had last night and is still what I am craving for since this morning. Not because I did not have enough of it last night., in fact, I had more than enough. The ingredients provided were just perfect for my taste buds...

Keith & Melissa invited us over to their place for dinner after church last night. We had taco salad, brownies and ice cream. We forgot about the rice and we just had a great time with them and their little one, Olivia. She's such a darling! Stacy and Steve, also from church, were there too. We had fun just hanging around, eating and talking about anything and everything. We look forward to spend more and more time with you guys!

I felt partly guilty though that we were not able to accept Sister Rene's invitation for dinner last night too. She's been inviting us over to their place but our schedules never meet. Hopefully, we'll make it sometime soon.

I feel so blessed and so thankful that we have our church family to satiate the longing we feel for our families and friends back home.

Pacquiao KNOCKED Hatton OUT

In just after 2 minutes 59 seconds in the 2nd round
Hitman remained sedated on the floor
caused by a left hook on the jaw
while Pacman was rejoicing for his victory.

I am not a boxing fanatic and never a Pacman fan. For the first time, I stayed awake with hubby to witness the new Filipino hero prove his ability. I don't regret I did because he did not make me wait in more than two rounds as it actually finished earlier than what Pacman's coach predicted.

I know the whole Philippines is fervently waiting for the fight to be aired at this time since it is usually an hour or two late in the country's local channel. It's worth the patience as this new hero will make the whole country proud again.

Well done Pacman!
I am not a fan (maybe not yet)
but am surely proud of you...

Lazy Saturday

My indoor tomato plants did not do any good.
We noticed them becoming yellowish.

So we decided to put them out to enjoy the sunlight along
with the other two tomatoes outside.

Look how unhealthy the one in the left is...

Just realized that we have over riped bananas.

I baked a banana cake.

We broke our fast with arroz caldo (chicken rice soup).

Best gift

I always find it hard to buy gifts for men, whether it is for hubby, my father, my brother or a guy friend. Unlike women recipients, we can choose from a wide variety of choices to give them. What makes it even easier for me, is the fact that we come from the same planet Venus. I know exactly, or should I say, I am sensitive enough to know what a woman really wants.

It’s almost mother’s day. I am planning to send a special something to my mom. What it is will remain a secret for now and still a plan. Then as time flies so fast, it will be father’s day before we know it. I usually end up with men’s polo or an ordinary shirt for my dad- something light with a pocket will be enough to make his day. But what I have in mind this time is something different, something more special, something I think is the best gift I can ever give him.

And with best, I mean Best of Time - Where Time Lasts Forever! Alrighty, to be fair, I might as well get my mom one of those elegant Rolex watches at a very reasonable price. They both deserve to get the best gift anyway.Yeah, the best gift for the best mom and dad in the whole world!

Hot sticks

At last I got a set for myself!

Weddings and gowns

I am married and am happy being one. Memories of my wedding day still cause some sort of butterflies in my stomach. Oh, I love that day! How special, how beautiful it was for me…Aside from those sweet reminiscences, among the things that I want to preserve is my wedding gown. I only get to wear it and feel to be the most gorgeous, most beautiful bride in the world this once in my life so might as well keep it for a remembrance. My mom kept hers very carefully and we, her children, were able to see and appreciate it with our own eyes. I want to share the same thing with my own children someday.

A friend is getting married and what occupies most of her preparation is finding a wedding gown she would love. I suggested that she make a search online to choose from a wide variety of designs and elegance at best bridal prices. As I said, this only get to happen once in a woman's lifetime so she deserves to look her best on that very special day.

I wish I can help her with all the necessary preparations and be there for her wedding but I cannot. I hope, however, that my suggestion on getting the best bridal prices will help her in one way or the other.


It has been taught and said that prayers are answered in three ways- yes, no and wait. Probably, all would agree that yes is what most of us desires from the Source of the answer, as we usually petition for something we badly want and seldom need. No is not desirable but rather preferable over wait. It offers a straightforward dissent to a plea, rather than just prolonging the agony when waiting without even an assurance that there indeed, is a light at the end of the tunnel.

But really, is it really worth the wait?

People with different experiences and different attitudes may have different answers. Although a bit sad when given this answer, I personally believe that when He says wait, He meant for me to WAIT and TRUST. It could be hard especially when you feel like you are trying to beat a deadline but then the request was just appended to a long queue. How long, why and what if's can come raging your mind and stress you out. Frustration comes in and you lose your motivation. You lose hope, you lose faith, and you can wait no more.

It’s tough but we should realize that we prayed for it because we cannot do it on our own to begin with. We once surrendered it to Him. We acknowledged our need for a greater ability than what we can do and being told to wait does not really change anything. We are still nothing on our own.

Maybe we need to surrender it all if we have not already done so. Sometimes we think we did but we really did not. In fact, it remains in our to-do list. Why not let go of it- drop it all in His hands that's absolutely bigger than ours? Pray for patience; pray for guidance; pray for wisdom; pray for strength; but most of all, pray for His will. Remember, we surrendered it all so it must be His way, not ours.

I believe He's telling me to wait because He wants me to trust. He wants me to trust so He can show me great and mighty things- so I may share a testimony that it’s all worth the wait!

I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope. Psalms 130:5

Web hosting service

Do you need or simply want one for your blog or website?

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