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Midweek Randomness

We’ve moved!

Our new HOME...

Yes, again, but not much driving as last year’s move from the horse to the food capital. 
All it took us was to toss our stuff out of the window this time and shovel them in to the apartment downstairs. Sounds easier but equally laborious! I’m just glad that we’re finally settled and nestled in our new little habitat.

Celebrated 1 year! 

Parmesian Shrimp Pasta

This little lady couldn’t be happier than working for her current employer 
with a gifted team of engineers and such an inspiring manager.

Please excuse this possibly worst picture in this blog.
The waitress did her best...

NLT’s Christmas program...


Two Sundays ago the Sunday School department did an excellent job in making it a-play-to-remember. 

Four days before Christmas! 

Our little Christmas tree

I wish home is just a jeepney ride away so I can easily hop in to my mom’s doorway 
and spend Christmas with my family..'s to wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas
and a blessed new year.


for a Merry Christmas...