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Bittersweet Sunday

Remembering 9-11 of 2001 undeniably stirred pain in my heart. 
Why can some people be so heartless to commit such atrocity? 
Have they, 
by any chance, 
been bothered by their conscience, 
at all?

Church service went on as usual yesterday except for a few video tributes to 9-11. 
My tears were uncontrollable while watching them.

I just hope that everybody else including the visitors were at least teary-eyed-
to keep the cry baby in me some company...

On a happy note, yesterday was Grandparents’ Sunday.

Kids sang for a special tribute to their papaws and mamaws.

And although it is not the time of the month yet,
we had our church potluck yesterday.

I brought this fab very easy-to-make pickle wraps…

This recipe is from a friend, Crystal, at Life Church in Ottumwa:
baby dill pickles
cream cheese
thin slices of ham

Drain pickles then pat dry.
Spread softened cream cheese on a slice of ham.
Wrap pickles with ham and cheese on step 2.
Cut into half an inch.
Optional: Insert a toothpick on each piece for ease of picking.

2 squiggly notes..:

Lerrie O. said...

Mouth watery recipe.. let me try! :) Is ham, cooked?, How.. fried or microwave? Maybe I can make my version using turkey bacon :D

donna said...

it's d kind of ham that you use for a sandwich. great value honey ham sa walmart ang gamit ko nito :) try it, masarap sya!