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3 weeks gone

and am back with some juicy randomness to make up for my once-again-negligence on my poor blog…

Week 1 
Crystal & Pat's VISIT to Mason City/ Clear Lake
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Did some thrift shopping, antique hunting, Chinese/American food, museum exploring, picture taking, 
wii gaming, crafting, sewing and EVERYTHING ELSE  that spelled  F-U-N!   
Now, can’t wait for summer to go fishing and hopefully cruising with them.

Week 2 
Engagement/ Wedding of Asela and Dinesha
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Officially pronounced husband and wife after a straight forward exchange of vows, this lovely couple will have their traditional wedding ceremony in Sri Lanka. So  the ‘engagement-slash-wedding’ meant to emphasize a BIGGER celebration that awaits their homecoming probably at the end of the year. 
Congratulations and best wishes again Ayya and Dinesha!

Week 3 
Skirt ALTERATIONS worked on!
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FINALLY found time to sit down and get to this long-ago-planned project. I wish I had taken before and after pictures but oh well… That's them, the thrifted pieces I patiently altered to fit my petite figure.

2 squiggly notes..:

Seow wei said...

nice dress, I like the middle one, black color with flower pattern.

Lerrie O. said...

i love the dress! and so much touch with the new newlywed! Congrats Maam!, you look stuning! :)