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Joke Joke JOKE!!!

I just want to share this with you, taken from Mr. Alejandro Roces' column in PhilStar on his opinion about April Fools' Day.
In the beginning St. Raphael (an amiable archangel) addressed the Almighty:

“Lord,” he said, “please make the Philippines the most beautiful archipelago in the world.”

“Granted!” said the Lord.

“And Lord, make the islands abound with the most useful and productive plants and trees.”


“Make its rivers, lakes, oceans and seas teem with many varieties of fish.”


“And please, Lord, endow the Filipino with natural goodness, wisdom and the courage to fight for
their rights and convictions.”


“And the Filipina, Lord, please make them the most beautiful and dutiful women on earth.”


After God granted St. Raphael’s five requests, all the nations in the world complained.

“Lord,” they said, “this is totally unfair! You gave the Filipinos everything!”
“Relax,” the Lord told them. “You have not seen the kind of politicians I will place there.”

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