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A young couple in church will be leaving for a missionary work to Romania. A friend from church invited me to attend a ladies' farewell party for the wife. Not knowing what time I will be off from work, I promised I'd give her a call.

At around 4pm, I decided not to go and so I dialed her number. With an unfamiliar voice on the other line, I said "hi, may I please speak with Mr. Backfish?" The reply was "who are you looking for?" and quite irritated, I repeated "may I please speak with Mr. Backfish?" Then he asked again "who are you looking for?" I wish he had just told me it was a wrong number and so I asked, "may I know who I am speaking with?" "This is Mr. Fishback," he replied.

I stood embarrassed for a moment and managed to apologize quickly. I can’t control my laughter and so was he. He gave the phone to his wife while I was still chuckling and just can't stop it even after we talked. What a shame!

2 squiggly notes..:

J o a N said...

hahaha!! this one made me laugh donst! bloopers oist. :D

donna said...

haha=D pirte jud ka bloopers!