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I am back to the good old days when I have nothing to do but wait for something from my TL (team leader). Oh yeah, my TL is new. He was on board with the team for less than a month (I think) and because he’s also a TL of another team, both teams merged now so we almost doubled our number now. What about my old TL? Well, he’s now on another team, doing applications development rather than just managing a team. Maybe he too used to be bored as I am now.

For almost two weeks now, I did nothing but surf. I just have to restrain myself from doing too much of it or I might be ejected from office. Alternative is to go over my study notes for my final exam next Saturday. Good idea but it really makes me soooo sleepy! Besides, so sad that I can’t absorb anything that I read. Perhaps, studying for me seems to be very effective when I cram.

So here I am babbling away my boredom. Thanks for bearing with me though.

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