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Random Reasons To Be Grateful

We finally moved to a better and safer place-a little abode we can now call home.

Just ignore the mess...
We haven't even started unpacking our things when this shot was taken.

Bro. Thomas who never gets tired of helping people, helped hubby move our stuff.
This is despite his tight schedule on a Friday morning before the Men’s Conference.

Hubby checked the mailbox but did not bother to get the mails last Friday. He just informed me that it’s full. That kind of news enables an ear-to-ear kind of smile in my face, assuming that “somebody cares.” I entertain each of my mail enthusiastically even those from spammers. Personal mails in particular mean a lot to me especially those with checks and gift cards enclosed.

To my surprise, I received a card with two gift cards enclosed-
a sweet bombshell from my two beautiful girlfriends from MUM.

Thank you, thank you girls! I miss you both so much…

We had an awesome weekend despite the tiring effect of our relocation.

We went to the Lexington Cemetery on Saturday.

I was both delighted and surprised with its beautiful
and serene atmosphere contrary to what we have in the Philippines.
I enjoyed hanging around and just taking pictures.

We also enjoyed just another awesome service on Sunday. Pastor McGraw taught about how “giants” help us achieve our goals rather than them being huge obstacles in the way. They exist not to hinder us from going on but rather to motivate us to keep pushing forward until they get out of the way. Does that make sense? Maybe I don’t but Pastor surely did.

After a time of dilly-dallying, I’m at last done with filling up ITR forms and have the required documents notarized for free. The OC part of me emerged as I went over the documents countless times for accuracy. I mailed them this afternoon and pray that they will reach their destination safe and sound. Thanks to the people who patiently guided me through the forms and helped me finish this task in one way or the other. You know who you are. I also want to give a special thanks to the printers at my workplace.

Filing for the ITR with a married status is much more work than with a single status but
I wouldn’t trade my status for the latter. I am blessed and am glad for hubby.

I am grateful for him who makes the everyday complexities
of being miles away from home easy to live with.

My badge has gotten useless yesterday afternoon at work. I can’t get inside the office with it. Something must be wrong with it or maybe, with the system but then… I can’t complain. I am grateful for my job and for the people I work with. I tried swiping my badge in this morning and here I am now- comfortably sitting at my desk. It pays to be patient- no need to panic and rush to security to have it fixed.

Thank You, thank You, thank You Dear Lord…I have more and more and more reasons to thank You...

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