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Fingers Crossed

I am anxiously waiting for something, thrilled but scared. I wish I could conceal myself from reality and drift away to dreamland. I wish I have infinite chances to undo the past misfortunes and opt for better choices. I wish I have the power to transform reverie into veracity. I wish life is less complicated- simple as those wishes granted by the great ginnnie in the bottle.

I am waiting for something- something I find unattainable on my own; something I am so unworthy of; something that I have to surrender to the One with greater power than that of ginnie in the bottle, with whom nothing is impossible, the One with the supreme knowledge of what’s best for me.

I keep my fingers crossed, prayers resounding deep within. Strengthen me, fortify my faith. Equip me with enough patience to wait on You- for Your will in my life. Help me trust in You come what may.

I keep my fingers crossed letting go as You take charge.

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Mary Frances said...

I noticed your Filipino. Do you by any chance know my sister-in-law Jewel?

donna said...

I knew her through your blog=) Stopped by her blog and left a message then we exchanged a few messages from there on. She's from the northern part of the country and I am from the middle part=) Thanks for stopping by! I keep visiting your blog and enjoy reading your entries=)

J o a N said...

hmmm... is this about a baby? just guessin. hehe.

donna said...

d pa jon ui! hehe=)

Mary Frances said...

Oh cool!!! I am glad you like my blog!!! You gotta go try some Rice-a-roni!!! :)