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Soap and Shampoo Bars

I have been striving to get the right shampoo for my scalp and hair type. I have not only switched from one product to another, spending a pretty penny, but have also done various experiments to which both have reacted positively at some point but then eventually turned resentful in the end. I swear, I did my best to make them happy but nothing just seemed to work. In spite of this, I have not given up on my crowning glory and never will. I have spent time on the internet googl-ing for tips and tricks on how I can take care of both better. I thought I have done enough on my own and it’s time to solicit some advice online.

Chagrin Valley website was recommended by most people in LongHairCommunity forums. I stopped by their site, just looked at the prices, and was skeptical. I continued to use this shampoo that promised healthy scalp and beautiful hair, until the time came when it’s almost gone and nothing has changed. I visited the said website one more time but I remained undecided. I have hopped from one website to another and was almost persuaded by some of these websites’ products’ descriptions. Then again, I remained doubtful with everything and still unhappy with my shampoo.

I went back to Chagrin Valley and Café Moreno shampoo bar caught my sight, not only that it sounded coffee but it sounded very interesting to me. That made up my mind that made me want to purchase it right away. Just when I was about to do so, a note at the bottom of its description said, “Not ready until May 2, Can only be shipped and ordered on April 25.” From there I resigned to the thought that maybe this really isn’t for me.

Ironically, at the end of the day, I found myself composing an email to their customer service inquiring about it and a couple more items to save shipping. No response was received on that weekend so I decided to go on with my order only if they respond to my email. Gladly, they did last Monday and I completed my order on that same day. I was pleased with Ida (I think she’s the owner) when I talked to her over the phone about altering my order. She gladly accommodated my request and that made me all the more excited.

The parcel was delivered to the apartment yesterday
but hubby and Laxman (from Nepal) went to the library.

A notice was left in the mailbox and all I wanted was to go get it from the post office as soon as I can. Sadly, it was already past 5PM and they’re closed by then. Anyhow, to make my long story short, hubby picked it up this afternoon that made me so agitated to get home early.

These are what I got!

I love their smell by now.
A Soap Sack and Citrus Chamomile Shampoo Bar
Cafe Moreno (leftmost) and Extra Honey Beer & Egg (rightmost) Shampoo Bars
Grapeseed Shea (Middle) Soap

Hopefully they'll do great wonders with my crowning glory and my skin too...

2 squiggly notes..:

Mary Frances said...

Oh cool!!! I am glad you like my blog!!! You gotta go try some Rice-a-roni!!! :)

Laxman said...

Sorry 'bout the parcel.Hope your crowning glory is still going strong! The library was more like a blockbuster store to us at that time.I think that day Nell got Dog Whisperer and I got Michael Palin's travel documentaries.

Nice Blog!