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Dear friend...

It saddens me that you're sad
It hurts to hear you cry
If only I could wrap my arms around you
I would...
To console what you feel
To make you invincible
To guard you from more heartaches and pains

I want to tell you to stop
To grow and to let go
But I can't be blunt enough
To hurt you more
And care less...
Unsolicited advice and insensitive reactions
Will be the least thing you need
All I can do is to listen and stand by you

I wish I had a magic wand
That I can use to shove your troubles away
To bring back that sweet smile on your face
To redeem your old happy self
To simply undo the past
And help you start from the scratch

I wish I can be a better friend
A superwoman who can save you
From all you’re going through
I remain hopeless that we’re miles and miles apart
Except that you’re never missed in my prayers
And please know that...
He will take care of you more than I can

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Anonymous said...

thank you.. this is so sweet.

i thank God for giving me a friend like you.. someone I can share all my katangahan in life without fear of being judged or being rejected.

and most especially, thank you for the prayers. i am so touched.