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Delivery Status Information- Not Available

I checked the status of my mailed documents online yesterday and checked again this morning. Two of them were updated but still no delivery status information is available on one of them. The least priority of the three was already delivered, the other one said it left the Lexington facility but the most important of them only gives the electronic shipping information that was processed. Of course, I knew that! In fact, I have a hard copy of all those information.

Panic and disappointment almost consumed me when the local post office just answered me with a calm “Sorry ma’am, I can’t do anything about it” answer. I could have screamed at him over the phone but thank God just said ok and hanged up the phone. I was still sane enough to control my senses. I patiently dialed the 1800 number hoping that I can eventually surpass those entire programmed Q&A portion and get myself talking to a real person. With a little bit more of patience, a person on the other line was already talking to me unknowingly. He asked for the delivery confirmation number which I gave. He summarized the details of the mail, notified me that it is yet to be “routed” today and suggested I could check for the status by tomorrow.

I said thanks and hanged up the phone.

I settled in a state of relief and disbelief- relieved from my concerns regarding that important mail and disbelief with myself. The old me could have reacted impolitely annoyed with the very calm response from the local post office while i was in the state of panic. I could have unreasonably retorted with what I consider as their inadequate response to my inquiry but I’m glad to have kept my composure instead. Otherwise, it could have ruined my day and increased my wrinkles.

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