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Tomatoes for a bad day

Today is one of those bad days that I have to patiently deal with. First, my proctor did not show up for my most awaited final exam. I waited for him for three hours, hoping he would somehow come out from wherever but he really did not. Next, the car won’t start when we finally decided to leave the test center. Hubby suspected the battery is malfunctioning. That only means that we have to go have it checked and see what’s wrong or worse, to confirm a need for a battery change.The latter was validated at the shop and more than a 100 bucks was swiped.

On the lighter note, we kept our promise to help Kathy, an office mate, on her yard work. Hubby mowed her yard while I help her plant her tomatoes, broccoli and some other perennial flowering plants. It was fun! I enjoy planting and would love to see them grow. I wish we had a yard as huge as hers that we can work on too. She sweetly compensated us with her remaining tomatoes, some pots and topsoil with fertilizer for planting them.

I planted one after having enough time to rest.

There’s surely more than enough for our little patio.
I wish I still have some energy to plant them all.
Okay then, I’m just too tired for now.
I’ll surely post more shots of them as soon as we get them planted and settled.

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