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Enemy's tricks and a Lesson learned

Trick #1
I finally heard from the university regarding the final exam that I missed due to the proctor’s absence. They agreed to give me a make up exam and I thought that was the end of the story. I received an unexpected notice from Paypal yesterday reminding me to pay $150 for my make up exam. Freaking out, I composed an email to address my concern on paying for my proctor’s irresponsibility.

Trick #2
Despite the car’s battery change last Saturday, it again showed faulty behavior the other day. When I went down to check what was going on, four people from the apartment compound surrounded the car bumper. Hubby met Charlie and asked for help. Charlie then called another guy for help then two more volunteered to help, all of them trying to figure out what’s wrong and all concluded that the starter was the culprit. Yesterday hubby, accompanied by Charlie, brought the car back to the shop where he bought the battery and was told that battery that was replaced caused the starter problem, which only meant the starter itself, needs to be replaced as well.

Trick #3
At Wal-Mart parking lot, hubby shut his door locked with keys still inside the car. He realized it as soon as I was about to shut my door and mumbled the words too late for me to react. I was shocked for a moment and later distressed with the fact that we either have to break the window or pay good amount to have it opened. A guy told us we can ask a police to open it for us but the police said they don’t do it anymore. We were given pop-a-lock’s number to request for their service. Charlie came just after my debit card was charged for their service. To add to my dismay, he could have done it for free.

All I wanted to do was to scream at the toppest top of my lungs. What a terrible day! But you see, it was not bad after all...
  • The DE office of the university immediately replied apologizing, stating that the charge was mistakenly sent to me. That somehow gave me a relief and I thank them for considering my situation.
  • Hubby and Charlie were able to get a starter at a cheaper price in a junk yard somewhere.
  • Atleast, we got the key back without having to break the window.

Hubby and I remained quiet until we got home and up to this morning. We missed our bible reading and prayer last night then we also missed our prayer this morning. I think this painted a wide grin on the enemy’s face but hey you, don’t rejoice just yet… We exchanged our sorry’s and we’re not missing our bible reading and prayer tonight.

It’s sad how easily we get carried away by small circumstances like this; that it can totally ruin the moment; that it can affect our relationships and how we deal with others; that it can completely turn us around and transform us into some monster forgetting who we ought to be. While the adversary cheers of what we have become, the Great Defender continues to stand beside us, hoping we would turn around another time to get back to our senses and react appropriately to the matter. That for me is a lesson learned.

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Janell said...

This was great! I had to laugh because my hubby and I have been through similar days...ugh, the junk we have to deal with sometimes, right? But yes, they're just little regular life problems.
Good attitude you have!

donna said...

Hi Janell! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I just bumped into your blog yesterday too=)