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I'm sleepy...

..,tired and possibly grouchy.

Hubby set his alarm at 12:30AM just so we can bid for an item we were eyeing on Ebay. Unfortunately, we lost! He bade way too early giving the winner just enough reaction time to outbid us before the auction ended. I have to purchase the item on a fixed price now which is not bad at all. I am planning to have it sent as a surprise anniversary present for my parents. Though I know only my siblings will enjoy the toy since my parents are not up to date with hi tech gadgets, I think they can use it for their planned vacation which I hope will push through.

My conscience bothered me a bit on hubby being awake while I was in deep slumber so I transferred from the bedroom to the living room couch and lazily curled up half-awake. There was only 43 seconds left when I finally got up to witness his supposedly triumph. Excitement seemed to have pushed my own alarm button that my lethargy was all transformed to an all-out energy, ready to purchase the item. Then again we lost…

I went online, surfed and had a chat with a friend for a little while. I gracefully left the conversation hoping to return to where I left off slumber land. Sadly, I ended up with a couple of toss and a few more turns so I decided to get up rather than waste time. The same friend was still awake so we resumed our chat. I posted my Ruby Tuesday/Wordless Wednesday entry. I sneaked a quick look on my notes time and again, hoping to study a little for my final exam. Because I cannot sleep, I opted to multi-task.

Time passed me by so quickly. I took a hot bath then dressed up for work. We prayed before hubby drove me to work. I was fine this morning but now I’m too sleepy, too tired and probably can be too grouchy.

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Felisol said...

participating in auctions is a thrill and an adrenalin rush.
Like drinking ten Red Bulls in a row.
I always decide my price limit on beforehand. I do so easily get carried away!!
Else.. winters are for sleeping. Insomnia in April should be considered a gift.
From Felisol

donna said...

Hi Felisol! Thanks for leaving a comment.. I am into another auction for the same item. Hopefully, we'll make it this time=)