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Now planted

two on the patio

nine of them indoor
I was told by hubby that a notice in the laundry room stated that we are not allowed to put anything on our patio since it will block the passage of other tenants. I debated that some of our neighbors have their plants, gas grills, benches and chairs situated on their patios so why can’t we place our tomato plants on ours? But after realizing that we’ll probably need more space than that of our patio for them all, I decided to just have them in door and set only two on the patio, right beside our door.

So there, my indoor tomato garden and the two on the patio all serve as ornaments to our apartment. I hope they will survive and grow healthy and bear fruit very soon. Yumyum…

2 squiggly notes..:

Nicole said...

Those flowers look gorgeous!
That must have smelled heavenly!

Nicole said...

What I actually wanted to say on this post:
Make sure they get enough light.
Tomatoes love sun.
But with that window it might be enough.
Just keep an eye on them and maybe switch the pots from time to time.